HAPPY FOURTH: Liberal Mob Filmed Burning American Flag Outside White House on Independence Day

A group of liberal protestors chose to celebrate the anniversary of America’s founding on July 4th in a unconventional manner: burning the American flag.

The progressives were protesting outside of the White House against President Donald Trump’s planned Independence Day parade. The glorious parade featured M1 Abrams Tanks and a robust presence of American armed forces.

Watch the shocking spectacle here:

The mob goes on to engage in anti-American chants, repeating that “America was never great” and claiming that the nation represented “slavery, genocide and war.”

At one point in the video a scuffle appears to break out. It’s unclear if some in the crowd were genuinely opposed to the burning of the American flag, or if they simply recognized a public burning(that appeared to employ a burning liquid) as a safety hazard that would likely incur police attention.

As normal Americans celebrate their country with their family, friends and neighbors, sick progressives seem intent on putting on a grotesque display with no apparent point.

Perhaps the mere prospect of patriots enjoying themselves is enough to get the left out in droves in an attempt to ruin the festivities, without the slightest concern for decency.


The leftist mob appeared to wield a burning American flag in dangerous proximity to a uniformed Secret Service officer.

Big League Politics is continuing to monitor the situation.

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