HARD HITTER: CNN’s Camerota Grills Kamala Harris on… Music Preferences

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and 2020 presidential candidate appeared on CNN’s New Day, where endured a grueling interview from host Alisyn Camerota about her music preferences.

The transcript follows:

Camerota: So, what is your favorite musical genre?

Harris: Oh, I mean, I’m – I’m hip hop and reggae and jazz. Those are some of my favorites.

Camerota: Okay, do you have a favorite band or a favorite musician?

Harris: I’d say one of my favorites is Bob Marley.

Camerota: Good choice. You can’t go wrong with that. That’s a crowd pleaser. On your mixtape, what would be, like, you favorite three songs.

Harris: Oh, okay. Let’s see. Arethra Franklin, um, anything Arethra Franklin. I would say Bob Marley, and then, um, I don’t know, I love Cardi B.

Camerota: Those are great. Thank you for playing along.

Conservative author and commentator Tim Young noted that the segment looked like a speed dating event.


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