Harvard Study: Patients Who Recover From COVID-19 are Immunized From Reinfection for Four Months

A new Harvard study has indicated that patients who recover from COVID-19 are immunized from reinfection for four months, which means President Donald Trump could resume full campaigning without any public health risk.

The Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has discovered that serious COVID-19 patients develop a strong immune response to the virus, which they surmise gives them protection from reinfection for four months. The peer reviewed study has been published in the Science Immunology journal.

Richelle Charles, an investigator in the Division of Infectious Diseases at MGH who was a major contributor to the study, noted that their research intended to address the “big knowledge gap in terms of how long…antibody responses last” in recovered COVID-19 patients. They studied blood samples from 343 patients to determine their conclusions.

They figured out that patients who recover from COVID-19 have an elevated total of the antibody, immunoglobulin G (IgG) in their blood for four months. They also discovered that the blood of recovered patients has the presence of protective neutralizing antibodies that also protect them from reinfection.

“That means that people are very likely protected for that period of time,” said Charles. “We showed that key antibody responses to COVID-19 do persist.”

The researchers claim that the findings will help improve the efficacy of nasal swab tests, which have been notoriously unreliable throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There are a lot of infections in the community that we do not pick up through PCR testing during acute infection, and this is especially true in areas where access to testing is limited,” said Jason Harris, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at MGH.

“Knowing how long antibody responses last is essential before we can use antibody testing to track the spread of COVID-19 and identify ‘hot spots’ of the disease,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on how shoddy testing has led to COVID-19 mass hysteria to take hold across the country:

Scientific experts are raising concerns about the efficacy of COVID-19 tests, claiming that they are too sensitive to the virus and recording an astronomical amount of false positives as a result.

The experts are claiming that people taking the tests are showing up with “positive” results even though there is virtually no way they could ever spread COVID-19 with the negligable amount of the virus in their system. The tests are picking up trace levels of COVID-19 and reporting them as positive tests, which fuels the media-driven hysteria.

The PCR tests that have been most regularly used for COVID-19 screenings gives a yes-or-no response regarding infections. The experts claim that this is woefully inaccurate to make public health considerations.

“We’ve been using one type of data for everything, and that is just plus or minus — that’s all. We’re using that for clinical diagnostics, for public health, for policy decision-making,” said Dr. Michael Mina, who is an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Dr. Mina is calling for more COVID-19 tests but not under the regime that is currently in place throughout the country right now.

“In fact, we should be ramping up testing of all different people,” he said, “but we have to do it through whole different mechanisms.”

The Trump administration announced last week that they will be purchasing 150 million rapid tests, which experts say is more accurate because they determine how much of the virus is in a particular individual. This information can more accurately determine who needs to be quarantined.

“It’s really irresponsible, I think, to forgo the recognition that this is a quantitative issue,” Dr. Mina said.

Sets of testing data in Massachusetts, Nevada and New York show that up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus. Of course, this news is only being released now that the vast majority of the public has already lost their souls to the chaos and confusion of the scamdemic.

The findings in the Harvard study will stick in the craw of Democrat politicians who want to demonize President Trump and stop him from resuming his campaign following his recovery from COVID-19.

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