Has Florida’s Election Police Force Actually Stopped Voter Fraud Under Governor Ron DeSantis?

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In 2021, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced he was creating an Office of Election Crimes and Security to stop Democrat voter fraud in his state.

“We are excited to say that next legislative session we are proposing another package of election integrity reforms that will make Florida the number one state for elections,” DeSantis said in Nov. 2021 after the announcement of the new office.

“I am excited that with this legislation, our state will be able to enforce election violations, combat voter fraud and make sure violators are held accountable. If potential violators know they will be held accountable, they will be much less likely to engage in improper conduct in the first place,” he added.

As usual, DeSantis paid great lip service to the conservative red meat issue at a time when it would benefit him the most. But how has DeSantis’ Office of Election Crimes and Security actually performed at stopping voter fraud under the microscope?

Not particularly well.

Populist strategist Alex Bruesewitz noted that “every case brought forth” by the Office of Election Crimes and Security “has been dismissed in court,” adding that “DeSantis just puts on a scripted show” and he “won’t fall for it again.”

In the most recent failure by DeSantis’ election crime office, Orange County Circuit Judge Jenifer Harris dismissed their voter fraud case and made a mockery of DeSantis’ supposed authority.

“If the legislature wants a centralized prosecutor with the power to pursue any perceived illegality throughout the state of Florida, the Florida legislature has the authority to create a centralized system,” she wrote. “This court will not facilitate such a concentrated power without legislative authority.”

A similar case brought up by the Office of Election Crimes and Security was dismissed last year as well. Additionally, these charges center around isolated individuals who are accused of violating laws barring certain felons from being able to vote. DeSantis is too cowed to touch the real centers of election fraud: unsecured vote-tabulating computers and unaccountable mail-in ballots.

DeSantis also recently gave a major promotion to a radical leftist, giving an extreme authoritarian Democrat a backdoor into the voter rolls. Last month, DeSantis appointed COVID thug and liberal democrat David Kerner, a Palm Beach commissioner, to head Florida’s State Department of Motor Vehicles where Kerner will have access to sensitive voter data.

Making matters even worse, DeSantis recently hosted a panel with a high-profile attorney for Dominion Voting Systems where DeSantis gave the lawyer a platform to argue that her clients should be more easily able to use lawfare against journalists who expose them.

It appears that DeSantis is crafting an elaborate façade in order to upend the MAGA revolution and destroy the America First movement within the Republican Party. He is rapidly emerging as the most dangerous RINO in the country.

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