Has Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Turned Into the Next America First Star?

After a failed impeachment campaign against him, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton appears to be in a strong political position. 

“The pundits, lobbyists and consultants have written his political obituary many times and yet they greatly underestimated General Paxton’s tenacity and grit,” stated Nick Maddux, a Paxton adviser and political consultant, in email correspondence with the Texas Tribune.

Paxton is currently expected to face off against incumbent Texas Senator John Cornyn in the 2026 election cycle. 

Paxton’s allies during the March primary cycle were largely successful in scoring victories in the Texas State House. 

“Politically, General Paxton has many options in the future, but his focus right now is continuing to fight the Biden Administration and electing more conservative fighters to the Texas House who are committed to fundamentally transforming the way the State House does business,” Maddux stated.

According to polling information that the Texas Politics Project compiled in February, 61% of Republican voters approved of Paxton’s job performance as attorney general, while only 16% disapproved. 

Many grassroots operatives were able to use the fallout from the failed impeachment venture against Paxton to push anti-establishment candidates that defeated pro-impeachment incumbents or at least force them into runoffs. 

It’s clear that Texas voters are tired of the politics as usual approach that has dominated the Texas state legislature in the last few decades.Hopeflly, further upstarts and bomb throwers are motivated by Paxton’s example and begin to emerge in Texas politics.

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