Hate-Filled Penn State Professor Says President Trump Should Have Been Assassinated Like Lincoln

A hate-filled Penn State University professor has said that he believes that President Donald Trump should have been murdered by an assassin’s bullet in similar fashion to deceased former President Abraham Lincoln.

Zack Furness, who serves as associate communications professor at Penn State’s Greater Allegheny campus, said that Trump “should have been Lincoln’d” five minutes after he attended Puerto Rico in 2017 for disaster response following a hurricane and threw some paper towels in a bin like they were a basketball.

The image of the ghastly tweet can be seen here:

Furness is an unabashed marxist who works to indoctrinate children into his far-left extremist ideology that resulted in hundreds of millions of deaths in the 20th Century alone.

“My work as both a researcher and a teacher draws upon a web of influences that include communication and cultural studies, cultural geography, feminist and Marxist theory, anarchism, environmentalism, critical pedagogy, history and philosophy of technology, and punk rock,” he wrote in his Penn State bio.

Big League Politics has reported about public academia working as a sinister Fifth Column to undermine the country from within:

On February 14, 2022, the “faculty Senate” at the University of Texas passed a resolution, asserting the principle of “academic freedom” to uphold the teaching of critical race theory aka anti-white hate at the university. CRT is based on the premise that maintains that America is a fundamentally racist country and institutions like capitalism, the Constitution, and the property rights are vestiges of a racist society, and therefore, must be done away with in the name of anti-racism. It’s used to browbeat whites and make them feel guilty for the perceived sins of their ancestors. 

The African American Policy Forum, a leftist group dedicated to social justice and issues regarding gender and diversity, put pressure on the UT faculty to pass this resolution.

However, Adam Cahn of Texas Scorecard noted that finance professor Richard Lowery was one of the few individuals who stood against the resolution.

He declared that the resolution “stunningly hypocritical” when factoring in the university’s “diversity, equity, and inclusion” policies.

“You guys have implemented a political test requiring adherence to critical race theory to be considered for employment and promotion, and now you’re complaining about this hypothetical threat that there might be a ban,” he stated. “You can’t mandate and then complain that someone else is trying to undo your mandate.”

Lowery went on to explain how the university’s way of interpreting the phrase “inclusion” is, in effect, a violation of academic freedom. In addition, Lowery alluded to attacks on right-wing student groups such as Young Conservatives of Texas back in 2018.

These campus indoctrinators are more dangerous to the stability of America than any foreign terrorist could ever hope to be. Swift examples will need to be made of this human vermin, or civilization is doomed.

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