HATE HOAX: Feds Indict Their Own Informant in ‘Kidnapping’ Case Against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

The feds are now indicting their own informant as the phony kidnapping case promulgated against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer fizzles out.

Stephen Robeson, a 58-year-old Wisconsin resident, is being thrown under the bus after cooperating with feds to help set up this dubious plot based on the drunken chatter of anti-government “Boogaloo Boys” enraged with Whitmer’s lockdown policies.

Robeson helped to stir up the Wolverine Watchmen group with violent and extremist rhetoric for months. The feds strategically waited until Oct. 2020, with these supposed insurrectionists allowed to roam free for many months, in an attempt to tie former President Trump to the alleged behavior of these militants right before the election.

Court documents indicate that Robeson came in contact with the militants during a pro-2nd Amendment meeting in Dublin, Ohio. Adam Fox, who has been alleged to be a homeless mentally-ill man, was propped up as the patsy to lead the efforts. Robeson also attended a Northern Michigan tactical training session that prosecutors claim was to prepare for the Whitmer kidnapping.

It is not believed that Robeson was the only federal informant who worked to set up this sting. One informant was paid $8,600 to sell out the group and give the state a pretense to demonize them as domestic terrorists. Robeson’s case shows that the deep state can never be trusted and will throw their informants to the wolves the second they are no longer useful.

Big League Politics has reported on the Whitmer kidnapping case since its inception, even profiling one constitutional sheriff with the courage to speak out against the federal railroading:

A constitutional Michigan sheriff recently made some controversial comments about the thwarted raid against Governor Gretchen Whitmer that was promulgated by a confidential informant getting paid thousands of dollars by the feds.

While the plot itself is incredibly dubious and has all the makings of another FBI scam, Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf believes that making a citizens arrest on Whitmer is justified considering the onslaught of intolerable acts she has inflicted upon her constituents.

Leaf said he had dealt with some of the militia members and that they had always been nice and respectful when he had seen them at events.

“I was shocked. I did not see this coming with those guys, but still, we can’t convict them in the news media here. They do have the right to a fair trial,” he said.

Leaf did not throw the militia members under the bus. He said he does not regret sharing a stage with two of them at an anti-Whitmer rally earlier in the year, and he understands their motives considering Whitmer’s heinous abuses of her authority.

“It’s just a charge,” Leaf explained. “And they say it’s a plot to kidnap. You got to remember that, are they trying to kidnap, because a lot of people are angry with the governor, and they want her arrested. So are they trying to arrest or was it a kidnap attempt?” Leaf asked.

“You can still in Michigan, if it’s a felony, you can make a felony arrest,” Leaf continued, citing Michigan state law to justify his point.

“And it doesn’t say if you’re in elected office that you’re exempt from that arrest. So, I have to look at it from that angle, and I’m hoping that’s more of what it is. As a matter of fact, these guys are innocent until proven guilty so I’m not even sure if they had any part of it,” he added.

The alleged kidnapping plot seems to have unraveled as little more than an orchestrated scam, set into motion from the beginning by law enforcement.

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