HATE HOAX: Jussie Smollett ‘MAGA Attack’ Was Staged, According to Police

The media lied.

The establishment lied.

The progressives lied.

Jussie Smollett lied, creating a fictitious and shamelessly dishonest story in an attempt to libel Trump supporters.

At least that’s the way it appears for the ‘Empire’ actor.

Sources within the Chicago Police Department have now told ABC 13 News that they believe Smollett staged a late January ‘attack,’ in which he alleged he was mobbed and beaten up by two white MAGA-hat wearing bandits. In Smollett’s story, the men placed a rope around his neck and poured bleach on his clothes.

Police believe that Smollett actually orchestrated the attack with the help of two accomplices in part because he was being written out of the show ‘Empire.’ Being the victim of a supposed hate crime could have persuaded the show’s writers to maintain his character’s role.

It’s believed that Smollett obtained assistance from two accomplices, Nigerian nationals who were extras on the show, in staging the event. Police carried out a search warrant on the homes of the suspected fraudsters, who seem to have been two men identified as persons of interest on surveillance camera footage from the night of the supposed event.

Cops had been aiming to trace the bleach and rope used in the alleged attack.

The men are said to have fled to Nigeria immediately after assisting in the hoax. Police executed the search warrant and brought them in for questioning immediately after they returned Wednesday. It’s possible that both of the men and Smollett could face criminal charges for their orchestration of the hoax.

Filing a false police report is a class 4 felony in the state of Illinois.

Smollett failed to appear for a scheduled interview with Chicago Police recently, leaving investigators even more suspicious about his account of the attack.

This story continues to develop and Big League Politics is monitoring the situation.

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