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Hate Hoaxer Who Stabbed Himself and Blamed Anti-Semitism Now Faces a Felony Charge

The police saw through his phony story.



A hate hoaxer from Farmington Hills, MI is being hit with a felony charge after fabricating a story about how he was menaced and stabbed by anti-Semites outside of a synagogue.

Sean Samitt, 26, is charged with filing a false police report on Dec. 15 of last year. He told law enforcement that he was the victim of a hate crime outside of Temple Kol Ami, a synagogue in West Bloomfield where he was employed at the time.

Samitt claimed a man approached him yelling anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant hate slurs in the parking lot of the synagogue. This culminated in a brief struggle with Samitt getting stabbed in the abdomen during the alleged altercation.

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Law enforcement determined that Samitt made up the story and stabbed himself after they investigated the crime scene and checked the man’s Apple Watch. Police found no evidence of a struggle in the parking lot, but they did find bloody tissues in the bathroom of the synagogue as well as Samitt’s office. Data collected from the Apple Watch showed that Samitt never lost consciousness and his heart rate did not spike during the time in which the supposed altercation took place.

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Samitt later admitted to faking the entire ordeal. He claims he did so because of his lack of satisfaction with his job as music director for the synagogue.

“I put the knife in to see like just how deep it went because I wasn’t really sure then in the process I probably dug it in a little more,” he said.

Samitt’s arraignment was scheduled to take place today in front of Judge Phyllis McMillen of Oakland County Circuit Court. His phony case is the latest in a trend of hate hoaxes perpetrated primarily by leftists hoping to play the victim with assistance from the fake news media.

The most prominent case of this phenomenon came from third-rate actor Jussie Smollett, who said Trump supporters with nooses and bleach accosted him on the streets of Chicago:

Sources within the Chicago Police Department have now told ABC 13 News that they believe Smollett staged a late January ‘attack,’ in which he alleged he was mobbed and beaten up by two white MAGA-hat wearing bandits. In Smollett’s story, the men placed a rope around his neck and poured bleach on his clothes.

Police believe that Smollett actually orchestrated the attack with the help of two accomplices in part because he was being written out of the show ‘Empire.’ Being the victim of a supposed hate crime could have persuaded the show’s writers to maintain his character’s role.

It’s believed that Smollett obtained assistance from two accomplices, Nigerian nationals who were extras on the show, in staging the event. Police carried out a search warrant on the homes of the suspected fraudsters, who seem to have been two men identified as persons of interest on surveillance camera footage from the night of the supposed event.

Cops had been aiming to trace the bleach and rope used in the alleged attack.

The men are said to have fled to Nigeria immediately after assisting in the hoax. Police executed the search warrant and brought them in for questioning immediately after they returned Wednesday. It’s possible that both of the men and Smollett could face criminal charges for their orchestration of the hoax.

Samitt’s felony charge will hopefully serve as a deterrent to other prospective hate hoaxers showing that there will be real consequences to their irresponsible actions.


CNN Claims Society Will Never Go ‘Back to Normal’ and COVID-19 Overreach is Permanent



CNN has confirmed the obvious: the globalist elite never intend to return to normal and plan to make the Draconian measures implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic permanent.

CNN senior International correspondent Nick Paton Walsh wrote the article giving away the plot. The world will be forever changed because of COVID-19, a.k.a. the China plague, and freedom will never return.

“We are slowly learning if this year’s changes are permanent. If work — for the lucky among us — will remain from home. If we will visit the grocery store less but spend more. If we will find wearing a mask on the metro to be just part of life. If shaking hands and embracing will become less common,” Walsh wrote.

He wrote that anyone who doesn’t accept that these changes must be permanent and for the greater good is mentally ill.

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“Yet permanently severing ties with January is not necessarily a bad thing, psychologists say. The danger comes from hankering for normalcy again, rather than getting on with working out how to deal with whatever is ahead,” Walsh wrote.

“People who don’t adapt to change believe what they remember as “normal” will return, and delay modifying their daily routines or outlook. Those who refuse to wear masks may be guilty of normalcy bias,” he added.

“As with everything, we will find out just how resilient we are, and the future may seem normal again, however different it is,” Walsh concluded.

Big League Politics has reported on how the worst overreach from the pandemic is yet to come, with hellish Big Brother technology ready to be implemented throughout society:

The late plutocrat and engineer of globalism David Rockefeller once said at a United Nations dinner: “All we need is the right crisis and the people will accept the New World Order.”

With COVID-19, it seems that the right crisis has finally arrived to usher in the new era of globalism. The mass media is already priming the public for the new permanent changes to society that are all but inevitable at this point.

BBC News has laid out their grand vision of the Orwellian “new normal” of what the central planners and technocrats intend society to look like by 2022.

“It’s 2022 and you’ve just arrived at the travel destination of your dreams. As you get off the plane, a robot greets you with a red laser beam that remotely takes your temperature. You’re still half asleep after a long transoceanic flight, so your brain barely registers the robot’s complacent beep. You had just passed similar checks when boarding the plane hours ago so you have nothing to worry about and can just stroll to the next health checkpoint,” BBC reporter Lina Zeldovich wrote.

Zeldovich lays out the reality of endless health checks, breathalyzers with microchips in them, and microscopic ink tattoos to track vaccine compliance. All of this would be required in airports to travel, at first, and then be rolled out as mandatory to participate in normal functions of society.

She notes that the mark-of-the-beast vaccine tracking tattoo has already been tested on animals and corpses, thanks to the generous support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“The macro-needles don’t leave scars and are less invasive than the regular needles – it’s like putting on a Band-Aid,” said researcher Ana Jaklenec of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “It can even be done with a modified phone.”

The people will have to demand their freedom and revolt against this new normal in order for their liberties to return. With so many millions of poor saps throughout the world losing their souls to the mass hysteria, that is not likely. The Orwellian Nightmare has arrived in full force.

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