Hate Watch: Three Prominent Conservatives Attacked For Their Beliefs Just Yesterday

Three Conservatives Attacked One Day

Infowars’ Owen Shroyer, #WalkAway Movement founder Brandon Straka, and Daily Wire‘s Michael Knowles were all attacked yesterday for being conservative in public.

Yesterday marked a dark day for political violence in the United States as three prominent conservatives were all physically attacked within hours of each other.

Shroyer, host of “War Room” on Infowars, was the first to be attacked. While filming at a pro-abortion event in Texas, a drag queen appeared to hit him, raised his middle finger, and told Shroyer to “f*ck off.”

“Hey weren’t you at the drag queen story hour?” Shroyer asked, seconds before the enraged man in a dress and makeup appeared to hit him and attempt to swat the camera out of his hand.

“Get that sh*t out of my face motherf*cker, f*ck off, get that camera out of here,” said the angry drag queen. Shroyer, undeterred, informed the man that he just assaulted him on camera, and continued to live stream the event.


However, the event seemed to set the stage for the rest of the day.

Mere minutes later, Straka would upload a video to Twitter of a woman, apparently a model, grabbing for his hat and hitting his head.

She had approached the #WalkAway founder to ask about his Make America Great Again hat, and when he informed her he was not wearing the hat ironically, she pronounced him “a racist” and declared that President Donald J. Trump is a racist too.

At this point, Straka began recording the incident on his cell phone just in time to have the woman appear to physically grab at his hat and face two times.


Turning the other cheek, Straka and his team later discovered the woman’s mother was recently ill and she had created a GoFundMe on her behalf. Straka encouraged users to show kindness to the angry woman.

Later in the day, Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles was attacked while delivering a speech at University of Missouri-Kansas City.

In the middle of his speech, a student approached Knowles and sprayed him with a chemical initially believed to be bleach. This led to the student being tackled by police and arrested.

American political discourse seems to be reaching a new low with this level of political violence from the left. As Shroyer pointed out on Twitter, the right does not “have to Smollett,” as there are now plenty of real crimes committed against right wingers daily.

Naturally, the mainstream corporate media is characteristically silent when it comes to these politically motivated crimes.


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