“He Does Not Care About Americans:” Texas Governor Abbott Slams Biden ‘America Last’ Border Policies

Texas Governor Greg Abbott slammed President Joe Biden’s ‘America Last’ border and immigration policies on Tuesday, speaking at a presser as he toured the porous southern border of his state.

He does not care about Americans, he cares more about people who are not from this country,” said Abbott in a blistering criticism of Biden’s pro-amnesty immigration approach. The Democrat has promptly created a crisis at the nation’s of southern borders, with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flocking to apply for asylum, convinced they’ll be granted legal status in the United States on the backs of Biden’s generous immigration promises to the far-left.

Abbott had ordered the Texas National Guard to patrol the Rio Grande region over the weekend, citing pervasive criminal activity by human and drug smugglers in response to Biden’s weak border policies.

CBP has released more than a hundred COVID-positive migrants from immigration detention in recent months, a public safety risk that Abbott called the “epitome of inhumanity.”

Abbott was previously called a “neanderthal” by Biden for ending Texas’ statewide mask mandate. In response, the Texas Governor has pointed to Biden’s immigration policies as a COVID superspreader, as opposed to state mask policies.

In a de facto admission of a failing approach at the border, DHS Secretary asked for civilian staffers to volunteer to process the “overwhelming” tidal wave of illegal migrants at the border. It appears an outright majority of illegal migrants are merely being processed and released at the border, in a policy sure to invite as many as a million migrants this summer in pursuit of American residency, welfare and jobs.

Governor Abbott also indicated that Mexican drug cartel organizations are exploiting the crisis at the southern border to smuggle drugs and contraband into the country in recent weeks. Criminal organizations are reportedly overwhelming CBP personnel with women and child border crossers, leaving them unable to spend resources intercepting cartel smugglers and drugs.

Less than two months into the Democrat’s presidency, Abbott has emerged as one of Biden’s hardest-hitting critics on border security.

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