‘He Gave Me Permission to Touch Him:’ Biden Hugs Kids During Bizarre Event

Former Vice President and likely 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden held a bizarre event Friday during which he joked about his recent scandal of inappropriately touching women.

“He gave me permission to touch him, all right?” Biden said as he hugged one of the many children he invited on stage. “Everyone knows I like kids better than people.”

Biden was speaking to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union.

“I just wanted to let you know I had permission to hug Lonnie,” he said after he took the stage and hugged Lonnie Stephenson, the president of the union.

The audience reportedly laughed at the jokes, despite Biden’s ongoing battle with several women who claim that he made them uncomfortable by touching them inappropriately. So far, five women have come out publicly to complain about Biden’s groping.

During his speech to the union, Biden complained about what he sees as a lack of appreciation for the American worker, taking a page out of President Donald J. Trump’s playbook and complaining about the “elite.”

“We’ve gotten so damn sophisticated, we’ve gotten damn elitist,” he reportedly said. ““I hate the way things have changed the last 15-20 years.”

For eight of those years, Biden was the second-highest elected official in the world – perhaps not the strongest pitch for a 2020 candidacy.

“I see people that have busted their necks their whole lives to earn your pensions, and when you retire you deserve every damn penny you work for, not a penny less,” he said. “I mean it! I mean it! I’m tired of it!”


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