HE WENT THERE: Donald Trump Jr. SLAMS Avenatti in Tweet, “I Enjoyed Meeting your Ex Wife”

Donald Trump Jr. fired off a direct gut shot Saturday at one of his fiercest rivals, creepy porn lawyer and federal defendant Michael Avenatti.

The CPL had lashed out at Trump Jr earlier in the day, upset that the New York businessman highlighted a sparsely attended and disappointing press conference held by Avenatti. The California lawyer is currently facing federal fraud charges for an alleged extortion of Nike. Avenatti became bitter in response to Trump Jr’s laughs at his expense.

Unfortunately for Avenatti, Trump Jr. is well accustomed to responding in kind to the rantings and ravings of the celebrity lawyer. Trump Jr. tweeted back a picture of an event he attended and gave a speech at recently, in which he was able to make the acquaintance of none other than Avenatti’s ex-wife, Lisa Storie.

Avenatti responded with his usual rantings and boisterous insults, but there’s no coming back from your own ex-wife attending speeches put on by your mortal political nemesis. As of Saturday night, Trump Jr’s tweet has over 26k likes and 7k retweets, easily ratioing the bluster of the CPL.

Avenatti could possibly receive a life sentence in prison within the next few months as punishment for his attempt to extort millions of dollars from Nike. It goes without saying that Avenatti should be focusing full-time on his own legal defense, as a supposedly expert lawyer, but setting himself up for epic owns at the hands of the President’s son seems to be a more pressing priority for the mastermind.

It remains to be seen if the hotshot lawyer is intent on continuing his running feud with Trump Jr. from within the confines of federal prison.


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