HEARTBREAKING: Jacob Wohl’s Hoax Victim Tells His Full Story In His Own Words

The following was written and provided to Big League Politics by Hunter Kelly, the student whom Jacob Wohl presented as a sexual assault accuser against presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

“April 24, 2019 is a day I will remember for the rest of my life. As an Instagram notification pings to my phone, I am extremely elated to see “@JacobAWohl sent you a follow request.” I thought, maybe he was impressed by my politically motivated questions that I frequently asked him. However, shortly after I accepted the request I received a (now known to be too-good-to-be true) message.

“Do you want to be part of a political operation,” the message from Wohl read.

“Finally,” I thought to myself. “A moment of a lifetime.”

I downloaded the application known as “Signal” to have private, untraceable conversations with Wohl.

On April 25, 2019, through the application “Signal” Jacob Wohl and I had our first over the phone conversation. He told me he could tell I was a motivated person and someone who could play a big role in President Donald Trump’s potential 2020 victory. Wohl asked me if I could do whatever it took to get the job done. To me, this just meant working hard and long to get facts gathered and not fallacies. Wohl and myself had been interactive with each other on Instagram for about a month at that point, while I had been following him for about three to four months at this point. I told Wohl I would oblige but not partake in any shady activity. I was told multiple times everything would be great and smooth. He told me this was a “task force” set up by the Trump administration to slightly push back the progress of Democratic candidate (and Trump’s only true contender) Peter Buttigieg.

Wohl and Jack Burkman booked me on a short notice flight from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Baltimore where I was picked up at approximately 12:30 AM. We took a cab back to Burkman’s Arlington, Virginia home, where we arrived near 2 AM. There, we discussed political viewpoints and the less than positive race relations that Peter Buttigieg has been prone to in the past (which is where I thought this ‘task’ was taking us). However, that was not what they had in mind. Wohl pulled up his Macbook and showed me an article that was “just a draft,” though was posted on April 28, 2019 (since deleted) to “Medium” where Wohl pretended to be me and spewed a bunch of hateful accusations at Buttigieg. I told him I was not sure how I felt. Wohl and Burkman said everything would be fine and I should get some rest since it is now near 4am.

Once I was in bed, about 4:30AM, I told Jacob Wohl via the Signal application that I was incredibly uncomfortable and not on board with their plan.

At around 7:30 AM Wohl responded by just simply telling me to come talk when I woke up. I woke up around 11 in the morning, and Jacob was already dressed in a suit because he “can’t do a Monday if he isn’t in a suit.” Wohl continues to say he posted the article, the same one I had asked to discuss when I woke up because I was not on board, and I see the time stamp was from April 28th on the article and this morning in question was April 29th, which is also the day I landed in the Washington DC area. So, that means, without my permission a disgusting article pretending to be me was lambasted across the internet. Not only that, but Wohl had created a fake Twitter (@realHunterKelly, since suspended) and a fake GMail in my name and who knows what else.

Next thing I know, Jack Burkman is telling me how I am a “star” and people are eating me up.

Reading the story made me sick to my stomach and I expressed my thoughts with my family who were incredibly opposed to this and said they would alert media outlets that this was a lie.

Furthermore, they went on to show me a “script” that was down-right bologna. This was a lie that I never wanted to be a part of. During and after we ate our Subway, I kept telling Jacob I was having regretful thoughts and told him I didn’t want to be involved. I was told that was not an option because turning back on what had been published would look bad. For well over an hour, I was in contact with my parents while discussing with Wohl and Burkman, who promised me as much as purchasing “any house I wanted.” He kept telling me my family would “get over it” and I needed to sign the script that I was supposed to say in a press conference.

After probably 45 minutes of me being stubborn and not wanting to do anything except leave, which “was not an option,” I reluctantly signed a script that I was told had no legal standing and that I was told was just going to be “filed” in the tasks file. I had been in constant contact with my parents saying how they wanted me to lie about being raped. Both of my parents expressed their anger and told me that this was an idea that I was going to take all the heat for. Over the next several hours, I had to dodge hate mail and reporters left and right while getting dozens of texts from friends and family asking why the media was contacting them. Wohl and Burkman said that it would “be over once more people came forward after I spoke my truth.” However, my truth is that I was never raped by Peter Buttigieg, nor was I in Washington DC in February 2019. My first time in Washington DC was not until March 2019. I had never been to the Mayflower Hotel, nor did I ever wake up with Peter Buttigieg forcefully pulling down my pants like I was almost coerced into saying. However, after a long conversation with my father, we basically planned my escape from the Burkman residence. I pretended to be tired and “nap” as a chance to pack my belongings while my family was on their way to grab me. Once I was told my family had arrived, I rushed downstairs and told Wohl I could not do this because that is not the type of person I am.

Wohl then went on to make another fake tweet from the fake Twitter account he made appearing as if I was distraught. I pride myself on honesty and transparency. Had I known I was getting roped up into a Jussie Smollett-esque situation, I would have rejected their offer and stayed in Michigan. I thought this was going to be a couple days of talking facts and seeing what legitimate we could get on Peter Buttigieg. Nothing that they alleged is true about Buttigieg. As stated above: I was never in Washington DC in February 2019, I have never met or spoken with Buttigieg, I have never been a victim of sexual assault, but more importantly I am not a liar. I will not stand around idly and get dragged through the mud for two people to continue committing heinous acts in the name of “protecting our country.” They are the real danger to our country.

I am, from the bottom of my heart, truly sorry for everyone involved in the very serious #MeToo movement. I will continue to use my voice and honesty to make a difference. Jack Burkman may have promised me a lavish lifestyle, but at a price that would cost me the two most important things to me: honesty and integrity. Had I gone forward with this despicable scheme they concocted, I would have lost both of those things and became another one of their useless pawns.”

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