HEARTBREAKING VIDEO: California Man Beaten, Robbed of $200K Life Savings Outside of Bank

A California man was beaten and robbed of his entire life savings of $200,000 last month, just moments after withdrawing the money from a Huntington Park Chase bank.

Francisco Cornejo was assailed and beaten on camera in the parking lot of the bank, with a thug stealing a satchel purse that he had placed his money in. The thug then entered a getaway car and fled from the scene. The assault occurred last week.

Within 30 seconds of just getting to his car, he was grabbed, beaten, robbed, and they took everything from him,” Cornejo’s attorney, Nathan Soleimani, told KLTA-TV. “He was literally fighting for his life savings,” said the lawyer. “And when he was being beaten he was doing his best to try and retain the bag that he brought with him.

Cornejo recounts parking as close as possible to the bank, trying to avoid any unnecessary risk in withdrawing his life savings.

Cornejo suffered a dislocated shoulder and bruising in the attack, but the loss of $200k probably stings much harder than his physical injuries. It’s still unclear if authorities will recoup what was stolen from him.

The sudden timing of the robbery may suggest that the thug, who remains at large, may have had help from within the bank. Cornejo had also just sold his house, suggesting the possibility of alternate coordination. The FBI is currently investigating the robbery. Anyone with information is being urged to contact the Huntington Park police.

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