Heavy Metal Drummer Recounts ‘Going to Hell,’ Meeting the Devil While in Coronavirus Coma

A heavy metal drummer is recounting a nightmarish experience while in a coronavirus-induced comatose state, explaining that he’s learned to reconsider some of his beliefs from the near-death experience.

Will Carroll, the drummer of Death Angel, states that he contracted coronavirus while on the final leg of a European tour in March. After he returned to California, his condition worsened, and shortly after being admitted to the California Pacific Medical Center, Carroll slipped into a coma for twelve days.

While lacking consciousness, Carroll is describing a nightmarish experience in which he dreamed he had descended to hell and was tortured by a female devil. Carroll claims that within his nightmares he was transformed into a “Jabba the Hutt-like-monster” and rebuked by his tormentor for ‘sloth,’ vomiting blood until he suffered from a heart attack.

Although his doctors doubted he would even recover from coronavirus, Carroll eventually regained consciousness on March 30th. The drummer’s first words upon regaining consciousness were to ask if a nurse attending him if he was “still in hell.”

The experience has led Carroll to reconsider his understanding of spirituality. The Bay Area-thrash metal musician has confirmed that he has come to believe in the existence of a ‘higher power,’ and is vowing to discontinue excessive use of alcohol and drugs.

He says he’s still going to continue to listen to ‘satanic metal,’ but the tortuous experience has led him to realize that the devil isn’t so great after all, and he cites the prayers of some of his Christian friends as being instrumental in his miraculous recovery. “As far as for my personal life and my experience of what I went through, I don’t think Satan’s quite as cool as I used to.

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