Hedge Fund Guy Tom Steyer Vows to Spend $100 Million On His Presidential Campaign

Tom Steyer has entered the Democrat presidential primary with a vow to spend $100 million of his own money on the race.

The hedge fund manager’s money makes him an immediate force in the primary, but it’s unclear how the white male so closely linked to big finance will fare in an increasingly progressive party.

Steyer’s entry is certainly bad news for Joe Biden, whose campaign has been floundering with scandals centered on his touching and sniffing of women and his past support for segregation.

Steyer’s video is titled “Fundamental Change,” which is presumably a smack at Biden, who told wealthy donors in a speech that nothing would fundamentally change for them if he was president.

Steyer’s key issue is climate change, which many Americans consider to be exagerrated or an outright hoax. Steyer has been a progressive donor for years.


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