Here’s Gun Control Inc’s Latest Ploy to Destroy Gun Rights in Washington State

Will Washington state take an even more anti-gun turn? 

With the recent introduction of House Bill 1178, anti-gun cities, municipalities, or counties would have the power to pass their own gun control laws, even laws that are stronger than those at the state level. In effect, HB 1178 would abolish the state’s preemption laws that prevent local governments from passing their own anti-gun measures. 

The bill’s main sponsor, State Representative David Hackney, marketed the bill as a measure to restore local sovereignty on issues concerning gun policy. 

“And the reason for this is simple: one size fits all doesn’t necessarily work,” he said to the House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee — the committee where the bill is moving through. “Local jurisdictions should have the authority to adopt the kind of gun regulations that are appropriate for their community.”

The local sovereignty argument here is misleading. Gun Control Inc. will tactically use decentralist measures to baby step the public into accepting radical gun control measures. When they can’t win at the state level, they’ll turn to the state level to slowly build up a power base. 

Once they’ve gotten local governments on lock, they’ll proceed to capture bigger targets such as state legislatures and the federal government. To stop this diabolical plot, gun rights activists must dial up the pressure and stop local gun control schemes in their tracks. 

Washington state is already one of the most anti-gun states in the Union, with a dismal 41st place ranking in Guns & Ammo magazine’s Best States for Gun Owners rankings. Any additional gun control measure it passes will guarantee its further descent into gun control tyranny.  

Even though the state is in the anti-gun doldrums, gun rights activists in Washington must fight for whatever Second Amendment freedoms remain in the state. We cannot allow Gun Control Inc. to continue getting on the win column.

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