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Here’s How To Report Voter Irregularities In The Georgia Sixth



Jon Ossoff, Facebook

As Democrat media darling Jon Ossoff, 30, competes for the Georgia Sixth District House seat Tuesday against seventeen other candidates, including eleven Republicans, the district is already experiencing glaring voter integrity problems.

Ossoff, who does not actually live in the Sixth District and thus cannot vote for himself, is leading the polls. But he is not expected to win a majority of the vote Tuesday, which would spark a runoff between the top two vote-getters. Bruce LeVell, a personal “buddy” of Steve Bannon and a prominent Trump supporter, is trying to help the White House by winning the seat and offering support in Congress for Trump’s infrastructure and tax reform plans.

Multiple voting machines were stolen days prior to Tuesday’s vote, and the thefts were not reported in a timely manner. Though state officials claimed that they de-activated the stolen machines, the whiff of impropriety is everywhere.

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If you live in the Georgia Sixth, please report all voter irregularities immediately so that this election cannot be stolen.


California Democrat Harley Rouda Has a Restraining Order Against Him- Filed by His Own Mother!

That’s a new one!



A California freshman Democrat has a restraining order filed against him- by his own mother!

Harley Rouda, who represents California’s 48th Congressional district, has had a restraining order filed against him by his mother, Marlese Rouda, since 2011. View the document here. Rogue Review first reported on the bizarre legal development on Tuesday.

Rouda is legally restrained from “directly or indirectly harassing, annoying, interfering with, harassing by telephone, assaulting, or doing bodily harm, to Defendant, Marlese N. Rouda…”

Maybe a restraining order from an ex-girlfriend or wife is one thing, but it’s somewhat of a legal novelty to have a restraining order filed against you by your own mother. The order was granted by a judge in a Franklin County, Ohio Court Division of Domestic Relations, so it’s likely he engaged in poor behavior of some kind against his own mother.

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An earlier clause in the restraining order bars Rouda from selling, destroying or taking possession of any household property belonging to his mother, suggesting the order might’ve been granted after Harley Rouda stole or sold some of his mother’s possessions.

Rouda is a freshman Democrat running for reelection in the Orange County District against Republican Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel. California Republicans view the formerly red, now purple congressional seat as within their reach after a Republican retook the nearby 25th district in a special election earlier this year.

There might be some mothers who have second thoughts about voting for Rouda’s reelection, after finding out that he hasn’t exactly been the most loving son to his own mother.

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