Here’s What The Man Alec Baldwin Punched Has To Say

Alec Baldwin was arrested for punching a man in a dispute over a parking spot in New York City, spelling the latest round of professional self-destruction for Saturday Night Live‘s Trump impersonator.

The man Baldwin punched seems pretty cool.

Page Six reports:

“You know, sore, but I’ll be fine,” shrugged Wojciech Cieszkowski, an avid runner who reportedly heard the bombs exploding after he completed the 2013 Boston race.

“I’m recovering,” added the 49-year-old construction business owner — who had no visible bruise marks on his face when he answered the door at his Pearl River, N.Y. home.

He was tight-lipped about the alleged encounter, which erupted the day before on East 10th Street in the East Village, when cops say Cieszkowski swooped in with his midnight black Saab station wagon and took a parking spot being reserved for Baldwin.

The short-fused actor went ballistic as the spot-swooper began to feed the meter, cops and witnesses said.

Yelling escalated to shoving, and finally Baldwin allegedly swung at Cieszkowski — who said he kind of recognized his assailant.

“I’ve seen him [on ‘Saturday Night Live’] a few times,” he said.

But he was noncommittal about ever tuning to watch Baldwin’s riff on President Trump again. “I can’t say for now,” he said, before driving off in his Saab.

Page Six passage ends

Baldwin’s over-the-top mean-spirited Resist-themed Trump impersonation on SNL even earned a rare on-air rebuke from cast members’ mothers recently.

The show has gone hard for the activist Left like NBC’s supposed news division, and it is under harsh criticism from conservatives.

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