Hero Supermarket Worker Killed in Boulder Shooting Fundraised for the National Foundation for Gun Rights

A Boulder, Colorado supermarket worker heinously murdered in a mass shooting at his place of work appears to have been a supporter of gun rights and the Second Amendment.

Denny Stong had posted a fundraiser for the National Foundation for Gun Rights on his Facebook page for his birthday merely weeks ago.

The organization Stong was fundraising for was the legal arm of the National Association for Gun Rights, one of the largest pro-Second Amendment organizations in the United States.

A fundraiser for Denny’s family has already received almost $15,000 in donations. Denny’s friends have referenced firsthand claims from the scene of the shooting that he died as a hero, guiding those present at the King Soopers supermarket out of the venue under attack by Syrian migrant Ahmad Alwissa.

His friends have also revealed that Denny was beginning his education to become a commercial pilot. His social media is filled with posts of planes and helicopters, demonstrating his interest in aviation.

Alwissa’s motive remains under investigation, but the 21-year old man raged against “Islamophobes” on his Facebook page and attacked President Donald Trump’s America First refugee resettlement policies.

A total of ten people were killed in the mass shooting, including a police officer. If only there was a way to exchange the life of the pathetic, cowardly thug who opened fire on unarmed innocents for those who were taken.

Mr. Stong’s death is beyond a tragedy.

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