Heroic Florida Gym Owner Arrested for Third Time After Moving Workout Equipment Outdoors

Florida gym owner Michael Carnevale was arrested again on Friday morning after moving some workout equipment to the parking lot outside of his gym, 1440 Fitness.

This marks the third time that Carnevale has been arrested for operating his business against state edicts, and his wife was taken into custody by police as well. He is refusing to give up on his battle against what he believes is a massive injustice being perpetrated by authorities.

“I think that this is something worth standing for,” the gym owner from Plantation said before he was arrested. “The more we seem to comply with these mandates, the more bizarre, the more intrusive these mandates seem to have gotten.”

Carnevale is currently suing the state of Florida over emergency orders that he believes are unconstitutional. He is following the path of other patriotic business owners, like salon owner Shelley Luther of Dallas, Tex. and barbershop owner Karl Manke of Owosso, Mich., in pushing back against capricious edicts put into place because of the scamdemic.

“In order to get a barber or hair-stylist license, you have 200 hours of sanitation training. 200 hours. So, those people that you are bumping into at Walmart and are all over the place, nowhere near as clean as a salon would be. Salons should be the first things to open up after hospitals,” Luther said at a press conference back in May.

“Why does your governor think that it’s okay to open up for marijuana, liquor sales. Can’t you get an abortion?” she asked.

“We have a bunch of empty shells who are in their homes that are healthy from the coronavirus that are mentally and spiritually starved. We need to bring this type of awareness to each other. We are a community. We are meant to live in a community. So shake hands with people, address people, talk to people. This continual hiding, riding around in our cars with masks on with the windows rolled up, is not healthy!” Manke said to end the press conference.

Carnevale is not the only gym owner who is fighting to keep their business going. Some patriotic gym owners are undergoing a similar battle against edicts in New Jersey, as Big League Politics has reported.

The owners of the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey broke through the plywood boards covering their gym’s door on August 1, 2020.

From there, they let dozens of clients enter and go on with their workout routines. This is part of an ongoing deadlock between business owners and government officials over New Jersey’s Wuhan virus-related lockdowns.

Owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti immediately let 40 to 50 customers work out at the gym, which Smith claimed was less than 25 percent of the facilities’ capacity. Customers waited anxiously to get back to working out as the owners busted through the doors in defiance of the New Jersey state government’s dictates.

Smith recognized it was likely that law enforcement would come back to force them to shut down again, which has happened a number of times ever since Atilis reopened its doors in May. According to a letter that was sent to Smith, Bellmawr officials are considering the revocation of the gym’s business license.

“Gov. Murphy has weaponized the police force against us over and over,” Smith declared. “I think he looks foolish, the way he’s treating us — he’s pulling out all the stops. You have to ask, How far will one man go to destroy a small business?”

Atilis has become a symbol of the disillusionment among some residents and small-business owners over the state’s draconian Wuhan virus restrictions. It closed its doors in March alongside other gyms, restaurants, and a number of businesses that were ordered to wind down their operations in order to allegedly contain the virus’ spread.

In May, the owners opened the gym and received considerable support from Fox News. Fast forward to July, they were held in contempt of court after a Superior Court judge in Camden issued a ruling that ordered Atilis to comply with an executive order by Governor Phil Murphy that restricts indoor gym use to personal training sessions.

As long as the public continues to submit to the fear propaganda, the government officials know they can get away with anything.

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