Heroic NYC Tailor Stands Up to New York’s Shutdown Order by Opening Up His Store

Eliot Rabin has had enough of Andrew Cuomo’s shutdown order.

Rabin is the owner of a men’s clothing store New York City’s Upper East Side, who is standing up to Cuomo’s lockdown measure by reopening his business.

The New York state government recently shutdown all non-essential businesses in the state.

Rabin is the owner of  “Peter Elliot” and told the New York Post that “I’m opening my doors come hell or high water.”

He asked, “Why is a liquor store essential and I’m not?”

Rabin re-opened the store on April 22, 2020 declaring that it was the only way he could keep the business afloat and keep his staff of 21 people gainfully employed.

“I’m fighting for the soul of my company and my people,” he told the Post. “I’m doing what I think is right to protect my business and employees from this disaster.”

Rabin said he was not worried about being singled out by Cuomo.

“If I do get in trouble, it will be for the right reasons,” he proclaimed. “What are they going to do? Yell and scream at me? Fine me $500? It would be worth it, for me to be able to open my mouth and say this is not equitable. If they try to arrest me, I’ll say, ‘Am I in a police state now?’ They’re not going to arrest me.”

The store owner concluded, “I hope everyone comes back, but I know they won’t. I’m doing the commonsense thing to protect my business.”

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