He’s MAD: Ben Shapiro Bashes Trump’s Decision to Fire John Bolton

President Trump’s latest decision to fire John Bolton as national security adviser has neoconservatives screaming.

The usual suspect, Ben Shapiro is the most vocal in his displeasure with Trump’s decision.

On Twitter, Shapiro stated,”This is terrible for the White House. Bolton was correct about the Taliban; State wasn’t. Bolton has been a hawkish voice for a tough national security policy, and his ouster likely signals that Trump’s approach will be significantly softer from this point forward.”

As one of Trump’s biggest skeptics, Shapiro has made a living during the Trump era by criticizing Trump’s contrarian foreign policy moves in countries like North Korea. He even thought that Trump’s decision to use restraint against Iran was misguided.

All in all, Shapiro saw Bolton’s time under the Trump administration as a means of maintaining the flawed neoconservative policies of yesteryear. This would have entailed never-ending military conflicts that line up the pockets of defense contractors and that also undermine America’s position in the globe.

Bolton’s exit should be a nightmare for Shapiro and a firm reminder that Trump is president, not John Bolton or his neocon allies.

It’s Trump’s world and neocons will need to conform to it.

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