HIDIN’ BIDEN? Joe Biden’s Campaign Needed Four Days to Set Up Livestreaming Rig In His Home

National commentators and political media have been questioning as to the relative absence of Joe Biden from the nation conversation during the Chinese coronavirus epidemic. A statement by the former Vice President on the efforts of his team to set up a livestreaming rig in his Delaware home on March 20th seems to give some clarification on his media absence, suggesting that his team took four days to finally get the system running.

Biden ultimately appeared on the livestream feed on Monday, going on to provide a laundry list of embarrassing gaffes and confused statements with CNN’s Jake Tapper and other network programming.

An insignificant Twitch streamer can set up a livestream with perhaps $300 worth of camera and recording equipment that can be easily found on eBay or Best Buy, probably within a day’s work. It looks as if the presumptive Democratic nominee’s team needed far more time- four days, in total- to put together a simpler setup at his home.

Any campaign staffer or digital media professional would be quick to categorize Biden’s operation as amateurish. The man really needed four full days before he could appear live on camera during the most severe nation health pandemic since the 1918 Spanish Flu?

Also, why wouldn’t Biden simply resort to simpler telecommunication methods? He could’ve simply signed up for a Skype account. Surely the general public would understand to a degree if he resorted to using such a program, having in-person campaign events quickly cancelled as a result of the spreading pandemic.

Biden’s low-effort campaign was blasted by some of his Sanders-supporting critics on the left, who are now faced with the prospect of their party nominating a man with a tenuous grasp on 21st-century technology.


Biden’s seeming absence from the de facto digital campaign trail seems to predate his issues with the livestream setup. He appeared in public for a grand total of six minutes last week.

Hidin’ Biden?

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