HIDIN’ BIDEN: Joe is Yet to Give a Full Sit-Down Interview as President

It’s been a full 12 days since Joe Biden was inaugurated as President, and he still hasn’t appeared for a comprehensive interview as President of the United States. The most he’s done is to answer one question-at most- from the press as they’re escorted out of the Oval Office, present to witness Biden sign one of his executive orders, which are unprecedented in their frequency.

Both Donald Trump and Barack Obama sat down for full-length interviews within a week of their inaugurations. Obama appeared for a full foreign policy-focused interview with Al-Arabiya News on January 27th, 2009. President Trump went so far as to grant an interview to left-wing channel ABC on January 26th, 2017, in which his plans as President were scrutinized by a partisan journalist.

As of Monday, the President’s public schedule isn’t advertising any plans to sit down with a member of the media and answer questions. Biden proved notoriously loathe to answer questions even from the establishment media as a candidate, frequently declaring ‘lids’ and disappearing from public appearances as early as 9AM in the morning during the campaign. In at least one interview, Biden was caught reading from a teleprompter during a staged interview, suggesting some the interviews he’s provided as a candidate were essentially rehearsed.

President Trump offered his first press conference as President on February 16th, 2017 , and Obama held his first on February 9th, 2009, providing Biden with a means to follow his predecessors in appearing for a press conference in a timely manner.

The scarcity of President Biden before the media may suggest that the President plans on a light public communications approach, counting on establishment media and the supine White House press corps to do the work of speaking for his administration in his stead. The White House communications staff have already suggested they’re considering conservative-leaning media from White House briefings, ensuring that remaining media present for briefings will be largely political operatives who seek to cover for the Biden administration’s record.

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