HIDING OUT: Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Vacationed in French Polynesia as Big Tech Platform Banned Trump

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey vacationed on a private island in French Polynesia when the Big Tech platform permanently suspended President Donald Trump, according to sources within the company this week.

Twitter sources indicate that Dorsey expressed concern and at times opposition to the purge of the President. Dorsey generally remained hesitant to permanently ban President Trump from Twitter, even as authoritarian liberals and the Democratic party establishment made aggressive demands that he engage in censorship of the President.

Dorsey reportedly conferenced into Twitter executive meetings in which hysterical company employees demanding a permanent ban of Trump, citing a raucous protest at the US Capitol and establishment demands for strict censorship of political dissidents. Dorsey continued to provide a token opposition, but ultimately caved to censorship demands following the January 6th protest. Dorsey played coy in a a tweet thread following the ban, seeking to avoid responsibility for the corporate act of political censorship by feigning consternation with the ban.

The State Department currently recommends against personal travel to French Polynesia. This didn’t stop Mr. Dorsey, who has presided over a propaganda campaign surrounding various COVID-19 topics, from traveling to the luxury destination to vacation as his platform purged the voice of the American president. The island which Dorsey fled to is reportedly a favorite of the media and entertainment elite, who seek to avoid media and paparazzi.

Dorsey will ultimately go down in history as a childish icon of Big Tech’s arrogance and insolence, styling himself the propaganda leader of Silicon Valley’s monopolies. It’s time to build free speech systems such as Gab, Parler and Minds in order to render the feckless Silicon Valley establishment censor an irrelevance.

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