‘High Risk’ California Sex Offender Arrested Just Weeks After Coronavirus Jailbreak

A California sex offender was rearrested for indecent exposure on Thursday, just weeks after being released from jail early as part of a coronavirus jailbreak. Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer had previously named Rudy Magdoleno as one of seven ‘high risk’ sex offenders that should not have been released from the county jail system.

Magdoleno, who was set free from jail just 71 days into a minimum 180 day sentence for parole violations on April 13th, was arrested on Thursday. Santa Ana police describe the felon with a lengthy criminal record as having exposed himself to staff members at an area parole center on April 17th, just days after his coronavirus jailbreak.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department had released Magdoleno from custody, bragging about reducing the population of the county jail system by 45%. However, other law enforcement officers weren’t as thrilled over the prolific offender’s release, which includes convictions for child molestation and assault.

“I find it extremely troubling that this high risk sex offender was authorized for release, in spite of his significant documented criminal history.” said Santa Ana Police Chief David Valentin.

Orange County prosecutor Todd Spitzer had even identified Magdoleno as a “high risk” offender who shouldn’t have been released. Spitzer had described a group of seven released convicts containing Magdoleno as “the most dangerous kind of criminal and the most likely to reoffend,” arguing that “these are not the kind of people who should be getting a break.

It’s hard to argue that Spitzer hasn’t been proven right, seeing as Magdoleno only needed a few days after being sprung free from jail to start exposing himself to parole office workers.

The other six convicts who received early coronavirus jail release from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department all have multiple felony and misdemeanor convictions, including parole violations.


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