High School Student Freaks Out, Charged with Battery After Stealing MAGA Hat

A 17-year-old high school student from Colorado has been charged with two counts of battery after she forcibly removed a classmate’s “Make America Great Again” hat from his head, and slapped a teacher as she was being thrown out of class.

“That’s a racist and hateful symbol,” Jo-Ann Butler, a senior at Union Mine High School said, according to CBS Sacramento.

Butler said that she was trying to make a political statement. However, statements usually made verbally, not physically, a minor detail that Butler must have forgotten.

“Maybe just wake people up in some type of way, because it’s not cool the environment our classroom is in,” Butler said.

What are the other “uncool” political symbols besides the #MAGA hat that justify physical violence? None.

“[S]tudent and staff safety is our highest priority and the UMHS administration will continue to cooperate with the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office as the incident is being investigated,” said the El Dorado Union High School District in a statement.

Besides the criminal charges, Butler has also been suspended from the school for a week.

The latest incident of violence against those sporting Trump hats occurs just months after a teenage boy in a Texas restaurant was screamed at, and had a drink thrown on him before having his #MAGA hat stolen.

Big League Politics reported:

A man who threw tossed a drink in the face of a teenage boy at a Texas Whataburger has been booked and released on bond.

“The man accused of hurling a drink in the face of a teenager inside a Texas Whataburger restaurant and stealing the 16-year-old’s “Make America Great Again” hat was arrested Thursday,” according to a San Antonio, TX Fox affiliate.

July 6, Kino Jimenez was arrested and booked for one count of “felony theft of a person.” He was apparently released on a $5000 bond shortly thereafter.

Jimenez was formerly a member of the Harris County Green Party, but according to Heavy, he has been removed.

Violence against Trump supporters has become somewhat regular news, but should not be taken lightly. The mainstream press has whipped up a frenzy of hatred for the president by labeling as a “fascist” “racist” among other things. Thus, the radical left seems to believe that their violence is justified.

It’s why Butler thinks that it is perfectly normal to batter her classmate to “wake people up.”

Things will only get worse if the press does not tune down its vile anti-Trump rhetoric.

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