Hilary Clinton Calling the Durham Report a “Fake Scandal” Couldn’t be Further from the Truth

A tweet by Hilary Clinton on Wednesday February 16th accuses Fox News and Donald Trump of “desperately spinning up a fake scandal” by reacting to the Durham report. Special Counsel John Durham’s filings allege that tech executive John Rupert and lawyer on the Hilary Clinton campaign Michael Sussman, jointly infiltrated internet traffic from both the Trump Tower and the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

The Durham report claims that the reason behind this action was to paint the false narrative that Donald Trump was colluding with Russia, in order to obtain evidence for federal agencies to indict Donald Trump on treason. Some are calling it one of the most insane and fragrant scandals in United States history.

Ted Cruz, Republican Senator representing Texas is calling attention to this matter, stating that the scandal is “worse than Watergate,” in a text sent to his cell phone subscriber list.

Mainstream leftist networks such as CNN joined Clinton in framing right wing media for pumping out “disinformation” by reporting on the findings of John Durham. In reality, there aren’t many citizens who are willing to let the Clinton campaign, the tech firms who helped her and her lawyers off the hook. Although currently there isn’t any hard proof that Clinton herself was responsible, it’s hard to look away from the evidence.

Michael Sussman, former lawyer for the Clinton campaign has been charged with making a false statement to federal law enforcement, a charge to which he has plead not guilty. Sussman told former FBI General Counselor James Barker back in September 2016, he was not working on any clients behalf when he attempted to draw conclusions from a communication channel between Trump and a Russian State affiliated Bank. Durham’s filing states that Sussman charged the Clinton campaign for his work on the “Russian Bank-1 allegations”, directly opposing what both Michael Sussman, Hilary Clinton and the leftist media are claiming.

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