HILLARIOUS: Scottish Nightclubs Circumvent Vaccine Mandate By Putting Chairs On Dance Floor

Many Scottish believe in the right to party.

In recent years, the Scottish have been known a lot less for their Braveheart-Esque defense of personal freedom and autonomy and a lot more for a socialist bastion within the UK, with many wanting to leave the union so they can emulate the Nordic welfare states of Sweden and Norway. But like in many other places in Europe, such political divisions are becoming somewhat less relevant in the fight against medical tyranny, a battle that quite often crosses ideological boundaries, especially with this recent development.

According to Summit News, Scottish nightclubs have been circumventing the vaccine mandate for nightclubs by placing several chairs on their dance floors. What this does is allow them to attempt to consider themselves as pubs, thereby no longer being subjected to the Scottish vaccines mandate that does not cover pubs.

“Lulu, a major nightclub in Edinburgh, has begun marketing itself to unvaccinated Scots by advertising the fact that door staff will not be carrying out checks on whether customers have been jabbed,” reports the Telegraph.

Indeed, many nightclubs have been advertising themselves as places that will not ask patrons to present proof of vaccination as a condition for entry. By placing chairs on their dance floors, nightclubs are proclaiming themselves to no longer be subject to the vaccine passport requirements as they are no longer technically nightclubs.

Apparently, only places with an area “for dancing by customers” are classified as nightclubs, a definition that is already being exploited by venues that are worried that their customer base is disproportionally unvaccinated.

Indeed, adults between the ages of 18 and 29 are the age group that is most hesitant to take the vaccine, the core demographic of nightclubs and other similar entertainment venues.

This somewhat amusing turn of events come off the tails of massive technical issues with regards to vaccine passport verification, with countless staff in this industry being berated by would-be customers for not being able to verify their vaccination status, on top of yelling at them simply because there exists such a restriction.

“The vaccine passports guidance is so shambolic that places which are clearly not nightclubs are being billed as nightclubs, and places that are clearly nightclubs are managing to use loopholes to claim they’re not,” said Murdo Fraser, the Scottish Conservative spokesman for Covid recovery. Given what passes off as conservative in the Mother Country, it remains to be seen whether this was a rebuke of the policy or a lamentation of those who are seeking to get around it.

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