Hillary Clinton Addresses Long-Persisting Rumors of Lesbianism: ‘I Actually Like Men’

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During an appearance on Sirius XM’s The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday morning, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton formally denied rumors that she is a lesbian.

“Contrary to what you may hear, I actually like men,” Clinton said to Stern, before adding a comment about a boyfriend she had before marrying former president Bill Clinton who was “really handsome” and resembled a “Greek god.”

Stern pressed her further, making her swear that she was not attracted to the same sex.

“Raise your right hand. You’ve never had a lesbian affair?” Stern asked.

“Never, never, never!” Clinton responded before adding, “Never even been tempted, thank you very much.”

Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers quipped about how strong women are often mistaken for lesbians by a patriarchal society. She opined that women who have “strong relationships” with other women can “cause suspicion.”

“Everything we do can cause suspicion, apparently,” said Clinton, who is pushing a new book, “The Book of Gutsy Women,” that she wrote alongside her daughter, Chelsea.

Strangely, Clinton’s comments have angered members of the LGBT community. Trish Bendix, a LGBT reporter who talks about entertainment matters, thought Clinton was disrespectful toward gay and lesbian people in her tone.

“It’s so frustrating when public figures like Hillary feel the need to dispel lesbian rumors in a way that equates lesbianism or queerness with salaciousness, and that’s ultimately what I dislike about the way she phrased it. Specifically the word ‘tempted,’” Bendix told NBC News.

“I think there’s a way to refute untrue ideas about one’s own identity without saying something damaging to others,” Bendix added.

Clinton has been dogged about rumors regarding her sexuality for decades, and one of her husband’s alleged lovers claimed she only had a child to throw the public off the trail.

“He said [Hillary and I] have to have a baby so that we will look like a normal couple, and we need to take attention away from The Warden’s ‘lifestyle’,” said Dolly Kyle, who claims she had an affair with Bill.

She added: “Now, he did not say Hillary is a lesbian. Billy didn’t have to spell out what that meant… Everybody in Little Rock knew the same rumors about Hillary being a lesbian as they did about Billy being a lech’.”

Journalist and political prisoner Roger Stone has also published revelations about Clinton’s lesbianism.

“She and Huma Abedin sleep in the same room,” Stone said. “Bill told Gennifer Flowers — it’s in her book — ‘She’s eaten more p*ssy than I have.’ Those aren’t my words. Those are Bill’s words.

“The whole happy-family thing is a canard,” Stone added. “They’re clearly not who they appear to be in public.” He describes them as power-hungry narcissists: “Politics is show business for ugly people.”

While Clinton maintains her heterosexuality, she can hardly be taken seriously considering how many things she has lied about throughout her checkered political career.

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