Hillary Clinton Criticizes Bernie Sanders for ‘Pattern’ of Sexism, Compares His ‘Degrading Behavior’ to Trump

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is letting loose on Democrat Party presidential contender Bernie Sanders, showing that she still holds a grudge following their contentious battle for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2016.

Clinton bashed Sanders in an interview promoting her upcoming Hulu documentary. She criticized the long-time independent Vermont Senator because of his lack of popularity within the Washington D.C. swamp.

“He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done,” Clinton said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

Clinton claimed that Sanders and his supporters are sexist because their comments hurt the feelings of her supporters on social media.

“It’s not only him, it’s the culture around him. It’s his leadership team. It’s his prominent supporters. It’s his online Bernie Bros and their relentless attacks on lots of his competitors, particularly the women,” Clinton said, before adding that Sanders is responsible for this behavior.

“Then this argument about whether or not or when he did or didn’t say that a woman couldn’t be elected, it’s part of a pattern,” she added. “If it were a one-off, you might say, ‘OK, fine.’ But he said I was unqualified. I had a lot more experience than he did, and got a lot more done than he had, but that was his attack on me.”

Some of the things that Clinton “got done” as a Senator included supporting the Iraq War, Patriot Act, bank bailouts, and massive corporate welfare. Her fingerprints were on some of the worst bipartisan achievements of the 2000s.

Clinton finished her attack on Sanders by comparing him and his movement to the one created by President Trump, and refusing to say whether or not she would endorse Sanders if he were the Democrat presidential nominee this year.

“I just think people need to pay attention because we want, hopefully, to elect a president who’s going to try to bring us together, and not either turn a blind eye, or actually reward the kind of insulting, attacking, demeaning, degrading behavior that we’ve seen from this current administration,” Clinton said.

Sanders’ fanatical supporters are outraged by Clinton’s petty comments about their idol. The far-left Justice Democrats are demanding for Clinton to commit her support to the Democrat nominee no matter who it may be.

“In our collective fight against Donald Trump, we all have to be ready to support whoever the eventual Democratic nominee for president is. Defeating Trump is far more important than settling old scores,” Justice Democrats executive director Alexandra Rojas said in a statement, calling Clinton’s remarks “unacceptable, out-of-touch, and dangerous.”

“We’re calling on her to do the right thing and immediately say that she’ll do everything she can to support whoever becomes the Democratic nominee,” Rojas added. “It’s fine to criticize a candidate or nominee — as we surely will — but we must keep our eyes on the prize.”

Sanders has refused to dignify Clinton’s remarks with a direct response.

“My focus today is on a monumental moment in American history: the impeachment trial of Donald trump,” Sanders said. “Together, we are going to go forward and defeat the most dangerous president in American history.”

This Democrat Party infighting bodes well for President Trump’s re-election chances in November.

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