Hillary Clinton Defends Unhinged, Anti-White Democrat Rep Sheila Jackson Lee for Houston Mayoral Campaign

On October 27, 2023,  former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showcased her staunch support for Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s mayoral campaign. She praised the congresswoman’s bold leadership style. After the leak of a recording that rocked Jackson Lee’s campaign, several female political and community leaders spoke in support of the congresswoman at a rally on the morning of October 27 in Southwest Houston. Several of the prominent speakers were Clinton and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, who stressed the urgency of electing Jackson Lee as Houston’s next mayor.

Clinton endorsed the congresswoman’s campaign for mayor earlier in October. On October 27, she lauded Jackson Lee as a “tireless champion”  for government-run health care, criminal justice reforms, and infrastructure spending.

Jackson Lee’s promotion of these issues “does make some people uncomfortable,” Clinton declared. “But it’s that discomfort that actually makes it clear she’s fighting for you and not for folks who already have everything that they need.”

Jackson Lee was recently caught up in a big controversy after an anonymous source leaked a recording of Jackson Lee chastising a staffer in a rant filled with profane language. Jackson Lee did not officially confirm that the voice caught in the recording was hers but manifested concern over any discomfort this recording might have caused.

Jackson Lee is an unhinged elected official who is quite open about her anti white-views as evidenced by her sponsorship of legislatio that would criminalize “conspiracy to commit white supremacy,” effectively making it illegal to criticize non-whites. 

It’s only fitting that a liberal ghoul like Jackon Lee receives an endorsement from the likes of Hillary Clinton. Houston voters would be wise to vote against Jackson Lee, lest they want Houston to transform into Texas’ Chicago.

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