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Hillary Clinton Gave Three Phones Missing SIM Cards To The FBI



Hillary Clinton’s lawyers gave the FBI at least three phones that were missing SIM cards, making it impossible for the Bureau to find information on the devices, according to FBI documents.

This revelation comes almost two years after Clinton signed a sworn statement confirming that she turned over all of her emails to federal government investigators. The revelation gains relevance in light of the news that deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein authorized Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Trump’s team in August 2016, during the heat of the presidential campaign. Rosenstein has close links to the Clinton, and his wife represented Bill Clinton in court.

Williams and Connelly, the law firm representing Clinton, gave the FBI two or three smartphones that did not include a SIM card, essentially rendering them meaningless to any investigation into Clinton’s conduct in the email affair.

An FBI insider told Big League Politics that the 42 pages of dumped documents suggest that fired FBI director James Comey was personally managing the investigation instead of the special agent assigned to the case — a highly unusual situation.

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“This is the most important case the Bureau had and the case agent in charge of the case is only involved in a third of the case. The case agent is a pasty and case agent (SA) in name only.  Comey ran the case!!!  This case was never conducted according to FBI MIOG (Manual of Investigative Operations) rules,” Chuck Marler, a longtime FBI Special Surveillance Group member, told Big League.

Marler points to the 39 “1A” forms dumped by the FBI, one for each piece of evidence collected in that portion of the investigation. In most of these FBI documents, the Received “By” line is fully redacted.

But in two of the documents, the “By” line features the handwritten term “SA” followed by a redacted portion. “SA” stands for “Special Agent,” meaning, the special agent working the case. Therefore, it is only confirmed that two of the 39 pieces of evidence were formally received by the special agent working the case.

At least one is signed by “FOA,” or “Forensic accountant,” indicating that individuals other than the special agent received some of the evidence and the special agent never signed off on the evidence in question.

Marler points to handwriting inconsistencies — including strict capitalization on some forms and not on others — to make his case that the special agent did not sign off on some of the evidence.

The highly unusual scenario points to a situation in which FBI management, and not an individual special agent or team, was processing evidence.

As Big League Politics reported, the FBI was in possession of a definitive Clinton backup email device the whole time, unbeknownst to most lawmakers and members of the public.

Court records show that the Connecticut-based email storage company Datto handed over a “device” consisting of five or six disks to the FBI in October 2015. Insiders believe the device potentially contains every electronic communication that Hillary Clinton sent or received during her tenure as Secretary of State. James Comey spent his entire FBI investigation missing many Hillary Clinton emails and communications, according to the official version of events.

The FBI handed the device over to the State Department, which has not searched it at all.


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Bitter #NeverTrump USA Today Columnist Calls for Rape of Trump Strategist’s Daughters



The rabid #NeverTrump dogs continue to show their true colors.

A #NeverTrump columnist and former GOP strategist made some truly disgusting claims about a former strategist for President Donald J. Trump on Twitter last night.

“Are your daughters ugly like you?” wrote Cheri Jacobus to Michael Caputo. “Or can Trump use them at the Epstein parties so you can survive when you’re broke, bitter, along [sic] and in prison for treason?”

Jacobus was referring to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who is known to fly with former President William J. Clinton and other world elites on his private plane dubbed “the Lolita Express” to his private island, where underage girls have been reportedly used for sex.

Caputo tweeted a reply to USA Today, for whom Jacobus writes, asking if her conduct was acceptable. Jacobus also writes op-eds in The Hill. 

She didn’t stop there, though. When another Twitter user asked Jacobus if her animus was due to a sexual attraction that she had for Caputo, Jacobus suggested that Caputo may be sexually attracted to his own daughters:  Again, Caputo replied to USA Today asking if Jacobus’ behavior was acceptable.

But violence, abuse and vitriol has been tacitly endorsed by the mainstream press its through failure to denounce the violent imagery of Trump and his supporters, as well as violent actions by groups like Antifa. Why would Jacobus think any differently?

“This Nevertrump harridan likes to tweet about my toddler daughters being raped,” Caputo wrote on his personal Facebook.

Caputo did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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