Hillary Clinton Is Terrified Of Populism

Since Brexit and the election of President Trump, Populism has become the new buzzword. For the globalist liberals, any talk of Nationalism or Populism is dangerous because it is a threat to their power. Recently Hiliary Clinton weighed in on Populism.

In her interview with The Guardian, Clinton referred to the massive migration which has inflicted untold damage on Europe. She stated, “I admire the very compassionate and generous approaches taken…” She went on to say that now they need to be more selective when it comes to migration. That even she would concede this show just shows how strong the populist uprising has been throughout the Western Hemisphire.

Notable: She says this not because Western Civilization is in peril (which it is) but due to the rise of Populism. Populism and Nationalism are taboo to neoliberals and Neoconservatives alike.

For globalists, Populism is their worst nightmare. Clinton states, “If don’t deal with the migration issue it will roil the body politic.” In other words Sharia and violation of the law of the land are no big deal to people like Hillary. It’s populism that’s the real danger.

This is a refrain we hear again and again. Right wing Populism and Nationalism are a threat to democracy so say the globalists. They parrot this almost as thoughtlessly as their refrain that diversity is strength.

According to Time magazine, Barack Obama had warned in Canada in 2017 of the rise of Populism and made the absurd argument that nationalism is associated with the rolling back of people’s rights. He failed to mention that nationalism enhances citizens’ rights. It may roll back the rights of illegals and invaders but it enhances the rights of lawful citizens.

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