Hillary Clinton Lawyers Investigated In Email Case

Hillary Clinton, Twitter

Attorneys for Hillary Clinton are now under investigation for allegedly deleting Clinton’s emails. Clinton’s deletion of more than 30,000 emails provided the basis for an FBI investigation that was launched, closed, and re-opened during the presidential campaign.

The state Bar in Maryland is compelled to investigate top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills as well as lawyers Heather Samuelson and David Kendall concerning what Circuit Court Judge Paul F. Harris called “allegations of destroying evidence.”

New York lawyer Ty Clevenger is responsible for filing the complaint, which the state bar counsel called “frivolous” prior to the judge’s ruling. It is unclear at this time what consequences the Clinton lawyers could face from the state bar, but the investigation could aid an effort by Clevenger to prove that Clinton perjured herself.

The state Bar investigation kicks the Clinton email scandal back into headline view, following a period in which Attorney General Jeff Sessions and by extension the Trump administration signaled that they were backing off from investigations that could lead to a Clinton indictment.

Fired FBI director James Comey has come under harsh scrutiny for his influence on the federal email investigation. Republican senators accuse Comey of writing an “exoneration” letter for Clinton while his bureau’s investigation was still active.

Clinton Sunday in an interview with Jane Pauley declared that she will not run for office again, claiming that she is “done” with being a candidate.


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