Hillary Clinton Says ‘Right-Wing Extremists Already Have a Plan to Literally Steal the Next Presidential Election’

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently released a video where she claimed that “right-wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election.”

“I know we’re all focused on the 2022 midterm elections and they are incredibly important but we also have to look ahead because you know what? Our opponents are certainly are. Right-wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election, and they’re not making a secret of it,” she said.

“The right-wing controlled Supreme Court may be poised to rule on giving state legislatures…the power to overturn presidential elections. Just think: if that happens, the 2024 presidential election could be decided not by the popular vote, or even by the anachronistic electoral college, but by state legislatures, many of them Republican-controlled,” Clinton added.

Clinton announced the Indivisible “Crush the Coup” plan designed in her words “to defend democracy in 2024.” She asked for money at the end of her disingenuous appeal.

Her words can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on Clinton’s many deranged comments that she has made since she lost in spectacular and historic fashion to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election:

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is whining about the anti-pedophile QAnon movement, claiming it is “painful” that they are sharing conspiracy theories about her family.

The latest Sacha Baron Cohen flick, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, gives Clinton a propaganda platform to play the victim and confront individuals who believe she and her family are monsters.

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