Hillary Clinton Won’t Go Away Regardless of What Voters Want

Despite only 27% of American voters holding a “positive” or “somewhat positive” view of Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation is gearing back up to return to business as usual.

The foundation fell from grace during the 2016 presidential campaign, when multiple reports surfaced highlighting the distrust and lack of ethics of the dogged Clintons. Hillary was accused of a pay-to-play scheme, essentially selling access to her position as Secretary of State in exchange for foundation donations.

The most transparent of these scandals was Uranium One, exposed in Peter Schweizer’s book, and later film, “Clinton Cash.” Schweizer highlighted the fact that 20% of America’s uranium supply was indirectly sold to the Russian energy company Rosatom during Clinton’s tenure in the Obama Administration. The New York Times reported that the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from donors connected to Uranium One while the deal was being processed by various government agencies.

From 2015-2016, donations to the foundation dropped 42% from $108 million to $63 million.

After Clinton’s embarrassing loss to billionaire businessman and political neophyte Donald J. Trump, she retreated to her secluded home in Chappaquidick, NY. Months later, she emerged to release a book of excuses called “What Happened,” and went on a book tour spanning multiple Costco Membership Clubs nationwide.

Not to worry, though! The Clinton Foundation up-and-running again, and soon the dirty tricks will commence.

This week, the Clinton’s sent an invite out to their longtime supporters promoting a ritzy May 24 dinner with Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea. The cheap tickets cost $2,500 for dinner and cocktail reception, with the high end entrance fee costing $100,000. The deep-pocketed Clinton sycophants will receive access to a “leadership reception for two, a premium table of 10, program recognition as Gala Chair and invitations to the Clinton Foundation Annual Briefing.”

Hillary has set up a political action organization called Onward Together, signaling that the Clinton’s will not mercifully give in to American voters who want nothing to do with them.

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