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Hillary Fears Latinos Won’t Respond to Census With Citizenship Question

Why wouldn’t they respond, Hillary?



Hillary Clinton Latinos Census

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton expressed fear that Latinos would not respond to the United States census if it asked whether the respondents were United States citizens.

Hilariously, Clinton wrote in a tweet that including a citizenship question on the census “would undoubtedly lead Latino and other residents to avoid responding” to the government request for information. Ironically, this response from Clinton would seem to imply a significant number of Latino respondents to the census are, in fact, illegal immigrants.

President Donald J. Trump’s administration has suggested a question regarding U.S. citizenship be added to the census so illegal immigrants are not considered when determining how many electoral votes and congressmen should be assigned to each state. Many conservatives fear that Democrat-majority states receive additional votes in the electoral college and Congress because their census responses are inflated by illegal immigrants.

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Clinton seems entirely aware of this situation, as no lawful resident of the United States, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or racial makeup, should object to affirming their citizenship status to the government.

The Supreme Court is poised to agree with President Trump on the potential censorship question. As it was debated in the Supreme Court, the liberal justices asked a plethora of questions regarding its implications, while the conservative judges, who hold a thin majority, have remained largely silent.

A federal judge echoed Clinton’s fears about the ability for illegal immigrants to move the political needle in the United States earlier this year.

Big League Politics reported:

On Wednesday March 7, Judge Richard Seeborg argues that adding this question “threatens the very foundation of our democratic system.”

Seeborg continued, asserting that the “commerce secretary’s decision to add the question was arbitrary and capricious and would violate a constitutional requirement that the census count everyone in the country.” According to Seeborg, evidence shows that this question would a create a significant undercount of non-citizens and Latinos.

Seeborg’s statements on Wednesday made him the second judge to declare the Trump administration’s census decision to be illegal. A federal judge in New York blocked the administration from adding the citizenship question from the census. As a result, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed last month to review that decision.

The Democrats are betraying their true intentions when it comes to the citizenship question. They clearly want illegal immigrants to be counted as United States citizens, as they are more likely to appear in Democrat-held states where sanctuary cities are common. This, in turn, gives the Democrats more political power in Congress and the Electoral College.


Deranged Democrat Demands Prosecution of 40,000 Trump Supporters Who Were OUTSIDE Capitol

Guilt by association.



Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee implied that every protestor who was outside of the Capitol on January 6th should face criminal prosecution in a Tuesday tweet threat, utilizing a “guilt-by-association” theory more commonly associated with the criminal justice system of third world countries.

Jackson Lee falsely claimed that the 40,000 protestors who arrived in the area of the Capitol in January all intended to overturn the election by killing the Speaker of the House, Mike Pence, and Members of Congress. In reality, there’s little to no reason that anyone outside of small handful of easily manipulated cosplayers intended to become seriously violent.

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Only a small minority of the protestors present at the January 6th protest engaged in any criminal trespassing and violent conduct. Peaceful protestors present at the event in fact urged those breaking boundaries to stop, likening them to Antifa criminals. Hundreds of individuals present at the event are being prosecuted- in some cases, on dubious grounds. Jackson Lee’s proposal would criminalize peaceful protest in a direct fashion.

Jackson Lee compared the peaceful protestors to Portland’s enduring anarchist criminal movement, ignoring that the January 6th event hasn’t repeated on a nightly basis in a fashion analogous to the anarcho-tyrannical city. While street criminals have been arrested at the Portland protests, Multnomah County’s left-wing prosecutor, Mike Schmidt, has consistently dropped criminal charges against nearly every arrestee involved in left-wing street violence.

Lee also likened left-wing rioters in Portland to “good people wanting good things to happen,” excusing systemic violence because she supports the aims of those who commit it.

Under the fist of anarcho-tyranny, there is no such thing as a neutral standard of “law.” There’s domination- impunity for those who obey those who wield the levers of political power, and severity against those who dare to challenge it though peaceful protest.

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