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Hillary Has Zero Tweets About ‘Easter Worshipping’ Christians, Dozens Praising Muslims

Clinton seems to have some conscious or unconscious obsession with refusing to mention Christianity.



Hillary Clinton Zero Tweets Mentioning Christians

After failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and a litany of other Democrats referred to Christians as “Easter worshippers” in the aftermath of the devastating terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, her lack of any mention of Christians is revealed.

Clinton famously referred to Christians as “Easter worshippers” after the Sri Lankan terrorist attacks, making some curious about her previous mentions of Christianity or other Christian words on Twitter.

Since creating her Twitter account, Clinton has never posted a single tweet mentioning Christian, Christianity, Messiah or Christ on Twitter. She posted a single tweet referencing “Jesus” in 2018, and has wished Americans a “Merry Christmas” a few times over the years, but she has never written anything specifically about Christianity or its believers.

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When it comes to Islam, however, Clinton is prolific on Twitter.

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Clinton has published five tweets mentioning Islam, four tweets mentioning Ramadan, one tweet referencing Eid Al-Fitr, and, unsurprisingly, more than 50 tweets mentioning Muslims.

As many contrasted, Clinton characterized the Christians murdered in Sri Lanka as “Easter worshippers”, but properly referred to those murdered in the Christchurch mosque shooting as part of the “global Muslim community.”

From this survey, one might assume the majority of Americans are Muslim, or that they are the world’s most persecuted religion. However, the United States was, of course, founded by Christians and with Christian morality in mind, and as Big League Politics reported yesterday, Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world.

Big League Politics reported:

According to a Pew Research study released last week, Christians are the world’s most harassed group for their faith. They are harassed in an astounding 144 countries, although this inconvenient truth is usually glossed over by the fake news media.

The most recent data comes from 2016, and it shows that Christians were persecuted in 18 more nations than in 2015. Muslims received harassment in 142 countries, as Pew ranks Islam as the second most persecuted religious faith.

“Christians and Muslims have typically been harassed in the largest number of countries around the world,” the report says.

Clinton’s apparent obsession with ignoring Christianity may come as no surprise, but it does serve to illustrate the massive difference between the failed presidential candidate and President Donald J. Trump.

President Trump has published 50 tweets mentioning the word Christian, three mentioning Christianity, and 8 mentioning Jesus.

Free Speech

Mumford & Sons Guitarist Swarmed by Fanatic Leftists After Praising Andy Ngo’s Book

Musicians are terrified to speak out against fanatic leftism.



Folk rock musician Winston Marshall was swarmed by furious leftists after congratulating journalist Andy Ngo on the publication of his new book, “Unmasked.” Ngo’s book breaks down Antifa’s model of attacking democracy and political violence in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere, shining light on the street terror group’s extremism.

Marshall, the lead guitarist of Mumford & Sons, hailed Ngo as a “brave man” in a since-deleted tweet.

Antifa supporters were quick to attack the musician as a “Nazi,” unleashing the hate-filled vitriol commonly associated with the intolerant movement. Marshall’s Twitter feed is largely filled with support for Hong Kong demonstrators, a far cry from what leftists might expect from a “fascist.” The English guitar player’s band is known for songs such as “I Will Wait” and “Hopeless Wanderer.”

Others pointed to the faux social media outrage as mere evidence of the Left’s intolerance and fanaticism.

Ngo has been forced to flee the United States under a constant barrage of Antifa threats in recent months, with the street terror group determined to silence Ngo’s reporting on consistent property damage, anarcho-tyranny, and violent crime in Portland and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, Marshall has since deleted the tweet. It’s considered impossible to get anywhere in the mainstream music industry if you haven’t cravenly bowed before the false gods of ultraliberalism and identity leftism. While Marshall took a risk in even saluting Ngo’s work in the first place, he unfortunately appears to have backed down, to a degree, a sad lamentation of the state of mainstream entertainment and corporate culture.

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