Hillary On Black Politicians: ‘I Know They All Look Alike’

Hillary Clinton is stumbling on the possible campaign trail for president, saying in an interview on video that black politicians “all look alike.”

Clinton made the racially charged statement after the interviewer confused Cory Booker as the author of the “kick them in the shins” Democrat talking point. Clinton wanted to make sure that Eric Holder got credit for the “kick them in the shins” talker.

Clinton contorted her face into laughing motions after she made the crude remark, indicating that she was joking. But certainly the quickness with which she found such an improvisation speaks to the race-obsessed First Lady who once called black male youths “super-predators.”

Clinton then made an awkward joke — saying that Mark Zuckerberg had paid her to make the racial remark. What does that even mean? Why would Mark Zuckerberg pay Hillary Clinton to make a racist joke?

Her campaign in 2016 was haunted by awkward race relations, including an early gaffe where she told Black Lives Matters activists that their concerns made her only want to talk to white people about racial issues. Her rival Bernie Sanders meanwhile, is being haunted on the campaign trail by protesters promoting the “NPC” meme.

Here’s a Recode video of the gaffe, time-tagged by The Last Refuge:

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