Hispanic and Democrat Voters Support Immigration Restriction Measures that President Trump Pushed For

The media constantly fear-mongered about president Donald Trump’s immigration policies ever since he declared his run for office and continued to do so well into his presidency.

The conventional wisdom was that these measures would repel Hispanics across the nation and turn them into a monolithic vote for the Democrat Party. 

That did not turn out to be the case in 2020. Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner wrote that Trump’s immigration hawk policies “won broad bipartisan and Hispanic support in the election and even turned several border towns red for the first time in years.”

Per two reviews, a majority of Hispanics and Democrats were in favor of the Trump administration’s efforts to limit immigration during the Wuhan virus pandemic. Similarly, voters in southern border counties reacted negatively to the radical Left’s attacks levied against U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform conducted a voter exit survey, where it found that 78 percent of those surveyed believe immigration was an “important” issue for them and played a huge role in who they ended up pulling the lever for. 80 percent supported Trump’s border closure to prevent the Wuhan virus from spreading.

Similarly, Zogby Analytics released a survey showing that 60 percent of Hispanics and 54 percent of Democrats support Trump’s immigration reductions to protect American jobs. Zogby also found similar views among those surveyed about the cuts being good to “maintain our nation’s population.”

FAIR President Dan Stein believes that the election results serve as a warning to Joe Biden and his desire to open up the borders and pass an amnesty bill for the millions of illegal aliens residing in the U.S.

“The election results clearly do not indicate that President-elect Biden has a mandate to institute radical immigration policies being promoted by his party’s far-left wing that include erasing borders and flooding the country with millions of new legal and illegal immigrants,” Stein declared. The FAIR president cited a 76 percent supermajority of those surveyed who are in favor of immigration restriction.

Although Trump looks like he’ll be out of office, Stein believes that Trump’s hawkish immigration stances will live on. “Standing firm against policy agendas of the radical left, like mass amnesty and open borders, is one of the reasons Republicans did better than expected in down-ballot races this year, and will likely to be an important factor in 2022 when control of the Senate, a newly reapportioned House, and many state legislatures are up for grabs,” Stein asserted.

On the other hand, Biden appears to be committed in pushing for mass migration policies such as DACA. In addition, he has selected a number of pro-mass migration officials to his Homeland Security review team.

Stein concluded by stating, “While unchecked immigration may be a high priority for a loud and radical fringe of his party, it is not how the vast majority of voters believe the new administration should be spending their time and political capital.”

A Biden administration would likely accelerate mass migration and create a new voter base that will be solidly Democratic for decades to come.

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