Hispanic Antifa to White Antifa: ‘Racism is in Your DNA’

Violent far left Antifa members were recently filmed at a gathering during which a Hispanic female member of the group scolded a white male member of the group for the pigmentation of his skin.

“You’re still white,” she yelled at the man. “You’re still responsible. This is your fault. You’re inherently racist. It’s in your blood. It’s in your DNA.”

Remember, these are the people who are supposedly fighting racism in America.

The exchange took place after the woman berated the man for what she called “white performativeness,” which apparently means showing up to an Antifa rally as a white person and not punching “Nazis.”

“I’m seriously telling you to do the work,” she said. “Punch a Nazi. Stop being performative.”

The man embarrassingly groveled for acceptance among the Hispanic Antifa tribe as he tried to explain that he had put a good deal of time and effort into fighting “Nazis.”

“I’ve been f****** fighting for like three months,” he said. I’ve put myself at risk for us all the time! Somebody threw a f****** megaphone at my head!”

It wasn’t enough. No amount of megaphones to the head could overcome that poor man’s cardinal sin – being born with the immutable characteristic of whiteness.

WATCH: (Warning: Explicit Language)

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