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Hispanic Marines Testify Against White Antifas Who Brutally Beat Them in Philly



Last week, two Hispanic members of the United States Marine Corps testified in a Philadelphia court against two Antifa ringleaders who led a mob of leftist thugs in a brutal beatdown during a “We the People” rally on Nov. 17.

The Marines, Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres testified that they were not attendees of the rally that the Antifa group was counter-protesting, but rather were visiting Philadelphia from Fort Dix, according to Philadelphia Magazine. 

The Marines said they were confronted by suspects Thomas Massey and Tom Keenan, both Antifa thugs, who brutally attacked and maced them thinking they were members of the Proud Boys.

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“On the stand, Godinez said that he was ‘bewildered’ by being called a white supremacist and immediately cried out, ‘I’m Mexican!’ After that, as the attack continued, both men said that members of the group, including Keenan, repeatedly used ethnic slurs, including ‘spic’ and ‘wetback,’ against the Marines,” according to the magazine.

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Normally race would be a non-factor, but Antifa constantly prattles on about how they are allegedly fighting “fascism” and those they describe as “oppressors,” including “white supremacists” and “neo-colonialists.” Apparently, that fight includes white Antifa members beating the crap out of Hispanic Marines. Of course, all of the race jargon is, and always has been, a pretext for the true goal. Antifa does not care about fighting racism. It cares about a totalitarian takeover of the United States and implementation of communist rule.

“Godinez testified that he was maced at least six times, hit in the head, and kicked in the ribs, and he said that while he was being ‘stomped,’ members of the group, which the judge and the district attorney’s office have both referred to as a ‘mob,’ chanted ‘fuck him up’ over and over again,” according to the report.

Antifa has often been defended by the mainstream press – especially CNN – despite their consistent track record of turning non-violent demonstrations into violent brawls. Don Lemon said “no organization is perfect” in the defense of the group, while Chris Cuomo said that “not all punches are morally equal,” and that punching someone in the name of fighting perceived “bigotry” is fine.

Godinez has suffered damage to his eyesight that continued to this day, and might need surgery to heal other injuries.

Both assailants have been charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy – felonies – along with several misdemeanors. Given the race of the victims, the judge added a felony charge of ethnic intimidation against Keenan.

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Violent Left

White House Submits to Fake Biden Transition After Left-Wing Terror Campaign Against GSA Chief

America is now a Soviet-style terror state.



President Donald Trump announced on Twitter Monday night that he would be submitting to the phony transition of “president-elect” Joe Biden after a successful terror campaign was instituted against General Services Administration administrator Emily Murphy.

Murphy was the focal point of a targeted harassment campaign by left-wing extremists who were activated by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). He sent a threatening letter to her shortly before President Trump capitulated.

Big League Politics has reported on the campaign of terror that is being instituted nationwide to prevent elected officials from standing against a third-world style election rigging marred with abnormalities:

Earlier tonight, Big League Politics reported on two Republican members of the Wayne County board of canvassers who refused to certify dubious election results in Detroit.

Michigan Republican Party chair Laura Cox released a statement praising the decision shortly after it was announced.

“The people of Michigan deserve to know what happened in Wayne County on Election Day and the days following. I am proud that, due to the efforts of the Michigan Republican Party, the Republican National Committee and the Trump Campaign, enough evidence of irregularities and potential voter fraud was uncovered resulting in the Wayne County Board of Canvassers refusing to certify their election results,” she said.

“This action will allow more time for us to get to the bottom of these deeply troubling irregularities. The people of Michigan deserve fair, open and transparent elections, and we will continue to fight for just that,” Cox added.

However, the Republican members of the Wayne County board of canvassers – Bill Hartmann and Monica Palmer – quickly capitulated and reversed their decision. Even though they were both present when thousands of mysterious ballots showed up in the dead of night after the election, they stabbed the whistleblowers in the back anyway by rubberstamping the sham.

The elected officials in Wayne County who folded under the pressure had their children threatened in order to induce their compliance, as Democrats resort to Soviet-style measures to take absolute power.

“I voted not to certify, and I still believe this vote should not be certified,” Hartmann wrote in his affidavit. “Until these questions are addressed, I remain opposed to certification of the Wayne County results.”

“The comments made accusations of racism and threatened me and members of my family,” Palmer said in her affidavit.

This is how the Democrats are enforcing the theft of America. If President Trump cannot overturn the steal, the U.S. Republic will be no more. It will be replaced by a globalist technocracy enforced with Soviet-style terror, probably forever.

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