Hispanics Are Drifting Away From the Democratic Party

Hispanic Americans are leaving the Democratic Party in record numbers.

John Binder of Breitbart News, noted that they are gravitating towards the nationalist-populist wing of the GOP due to risking crime and inflation, along with the collapsing situation in the border.

Binder highlighted the case of Tim Alberta, a staff writer at The Atlantic, who traveled to key states such as Arizona, Florida, and Texas to survey political attitudes among Hispanics who traditionally voted Democratic. 

However, the Democratic Party’s woke turn, as seen with its embrace of mass migration, pro-corporate policies, sexual deviancy, has created openings for right-wing nationalists to exploit. 

In light of these developments, working and middle class Hispanics are beginning to join the white working class to form a part of the new realignment coalition that’s redefining US politics.

As Binder noted,  former President Donald Trump picked up roughly 62% of white working class voters, which is the highest share of the WWC vote a Republican has picked up since 1980. 

In the case of Arizona, reliable Hispanic Democratic voters have said, “The party doesn’t care about us.” This is in line with political scientist Ruy Teixeira’s observation that “college-educated white voters” were the constituency responsible for winning “the election for Biden,” not so much Hispanic support. Ironically, Teixeira was one of the most prominent proponents of the “demographics is destiny” assumption that posited that Democrats were set to dominate American elections by virtue of the fact that America was growing more diverse, aka less white. 

Carlos Odio, a Democratic political operative based in Miami, Florida, claims Democrats are bleeding Hispanic support due to their “class disconnect.” In other words, Democrats’s ideological fixation with all manner of social deviancy ranging from pronoun preferences, transgender ideology, and nation-destroying mass migration.

These issues are completely out of touch with working class voter interests. 

Maria-Elena Lopez, another Miami Hispanic Democratic activist, said to The Atlantic that the Democrat Party is “a charity” promising Hispanic voters welfare, subsidized housing, and other public benefits. Lopez declared that the only problem with the Democrats’ strategy is that “These people don’t want charity.”

“They are not here because the sea levels are rising, or because of social justice, or anything else,” Lopez proclaimed. “We’re not out there talking about racism and the Green New Deal and defunding the police, and we’re freaking them out.”

The Democratic Party’s open borders fanaticism has even put Bruno Lozano, a former mayor of Del Rio, Texas and registered Democrat on the brink of leaving the Democratic Party altogether after warning Democratic leaders on multiple occasions about the devastating impact that mass migration has had on Texas border towns. 

Lozano believes that Democratic leaders have overly romantic views about mass migration.

“It’s easy for them to romanticize this whole situation. ‘They’re struggling! They need help! They’re coming here for a better life!’” Lozano commented. “It’s harder for them to come look at bodies of people who died in 107-degree heat. Kids who drowned. Border Patrol agents — who they’re so opposed to — trying to help pregnant mothers. None of this fits their narrative.”

The Hispanic shift is one of the most fascinating trends in American politics.This is the product of a wokified Democratic Party overstepping its boundaries. 

American nationalists should pick up on this trend and rationally target Hispanic voters. There’s no need to Hispander or engage in silly minority outreach programs. Sticking to America First principles is the easiest way to pry away Hispanics from the Democratic soup kitchen of anti-white politics.

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