Hispanics Express Majority Support for the Federal Government Providing Aid to Illegal Aliens During the Wuhan Virus Outbreak

On May 20, 2020, the Pew Research Center¬†released a report that showed Hispanic’s strong preference for the federal government to provide medical and economic support to illegal aliens impacted by the Wuhan virus outbreak.

Pew tweeted, “Hispanics are the most supportive of the federal government providing medical and economic support to undocumented immigrants affected by the coronavirus outbreak.”

Approximately two-thirds of U.S. adults (68 percent) believe the federal government has an obligation to provide medical care to illegal aliens who caught the Wuhan virus. Additionally, 37 percent stated that the government should supply economic aid to illegal aliens who have lost their job due to the outbreak, according to a Pew Research Center survey that was conducted from April 29 to May 5.

Hispanics were the group most in favor of the federal government allocating medical and economic resources to illegal immigrants affected by the Wuhan virus outbreak. The vast majority of Hispanics (86 percent) say the government has an obligation to provide medical care, and 62 percent had similar thoughts about economic help. Hispanic immigrants are more likely than American-born Hispanics (68 percent vs. 55 percent) to support federal economic help for illegal aliens affected by the outbreak. However, the views between the two groups were more similar regarding medical care (88 percent vs. 83 percent).

An overwhelming majority of black adults (80 percent) also believe that the federal government must provide medical care, while roughly half 55 percent say the government should provide economic aid to illegal aliens impacted by the Wuhan virus. On the other hand, far lower number of white adults believe the government should administer medical care (61 percent) and economic help (27 percent).

BLP previously reported on some of Pew Research’s findings regarding Hispanics’ views on the scope of government.

On issues from gun control to healthcare, Hispanics expressed favorable views towards a more activist state.

Policymakers must understand the political implications of our current mass migration paradigm.

Many Hispanics are great people, and have even expressed strong support for immigration restriction.

To facilitate their assimilation and of millions of other immigrant groups as well, a moratorium on migration should be in order.

Immigration waves require occasional pauses and we’re long overdue for one at the moment.




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