Hispanics Overwhelmingly Reject Fake ‘Latinx’ Label

New polling reveals that American Hispanics are overwhelmingly rejecting the gender-neutral ‘Latinx’ label.

Poll data from ThinkNow Research, a progressive organization, reveals that 98% of Hispanics reject referring to themselves with the ‘Latinx’ label. Most of the survey’s 508 respondents prefer using the existing phrases of ‘Hispanic’ or ‘Latino’ to identify themselves.

Critics of the linguistic anomaly have argued it’s an attempt to anglicize the Spanish language. Like other Romance languages, Spanish is a highly gendered language that differentiates between male and female words.

The existing term ‘Latino’ is a masculine word, a fact of the language that seems to have proved to be offensive to ultra-politically correct liberal extremists. It seems to escape most of the term’s proponents that it doesn’t originate from the Hispanic community, instead surfacing in fervently liberal academic circles.

Some of the phrases’ opponents have described its use as a chauvinistic attempt to insert English-language grammar into Spanish, for no real reason.

Several leading Democratic candidates have taken up the use of the word, despite its lack of appeal among those whom it’s supposed to represent. Elizabeth Warren has become a prolific user of the phrase.

Progressives’ cultural arrogance in insisting on designating Hispanics with a fake word could backfire, alienating a demographic they’ve traditionally relied on for electoral support. Hispanics still overwhelmingly trend Democrat, but there is reason to believe that President Trump will gain more support from within the Hispanic demographic in the 2020 election than any Republican ever has.

If there are a handful of people who want to be referred to as ‘Latinx,’ then so be it. But it’s clear that the artificial phrase has little to no following in the Hispanic community.

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