Historic Nantes Cathedral of France Burns in Severe Fire; Arson?

The historic Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Nantes, France caught afire in a serious blaze on Saturday morning, raising the question that the church may be destroyed from the severity of the situation. The Nantes Cathedral is possibly the second-most culturally significant Catholic church in France after the Notre Dame Basilica in Paris, and follows Notre Dame in catching fire less than a year after a serious fire caused major damages to the latter.

Video of the fire reveals a massive blaze consuming the upper level of the cathedral, big enough in size to potentially destroy the place of worship.

As of Saturday morning in France, a team of sixty firefighters was said to be fighting to save the cathedral from the fire, with first responders initially unsure if the building can be saved from the blaze.

Fortunately, firefighters announced that the fire was under control as of 10:30AM local French time on Saturday.

It’s too early for French authorities to determine the cause and origin of the fire, but increasing incidences of arson and vandalism attacks on churches in Europe have led some to suspect that the historic cathedral was intentionally targeted.

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul began its construction in A.D. 1434, its sophistication requiring more than 400 years of work before completion in the year 1891.

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