HISTORY VIDEO: Globalist Families Like Bush and Koch Funded The Nazis

Billionaire globalist donor Charles Koch was raised by a Nazi nanny during the period his father was profiting off his personal business relationship with Adolf Hitler according to mainstream reporting.

While President Donald Trump campaigns for the re-emergence of American power on the world stage, the Kochs agitate against American exceptionalism and for the continuation of borderless trade arrangements that benefit corporate titans like themselves at the expense of the American people. Sadly, this is nothing new.

The Koch family’s shocking ties with both Hitler and Josef Stalin show the extent of the globalist clan’s links to anti-American tyranny and anti-American interests worldwide, shedding light on the profit-first mentality of the “free trade” globalism the Kochs represent. A family that has tried to present itself as anti-interventionist on foreign policy actually played a key role in building Adolf Hitler’s capability to wage war.

“Fred Koch, the patriarch of the family, was an expert in building oil refineries, and he and a friend named William Rhodes Davis proposed building one in Germany during 1934, ’35, that period in there,” reported Jane Mayer, New Yorker journalist and author of the book Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right. Mayer’s comments in a past interview with NPR are interesting, considering left-wing NPR’s highly favorable segment on the Kochs Wednesday following their condemnation by President Trump and Steve Bannon.

Mayer details how Fred Koch was integral in building the Nazi war machine.

“In 1933, Adolf Hitler became chancellor of the Third Reich in Germany, so this meant working under the Third Reich,” Mayer said. “And in order to get permission, they actually had to go to Hitler himself, and William Rhodes Davis did the “Heil Hitler” to greet Hitler, and finally they got Hitler to greenlight this proposal so that they could build an oil refinery in Hamburg.”

“And the Hamburg Oil Refinery, built by the Winkler-Koch Co., became key, according to several German historians I talked to, to Hitler’s war efforts. By the time they built it, it was already clear that Hitler had very major military ambitions, but one of the things he was unable to do was to refine high-octane oil for warplanes. What this plant did was create that capacity, and it eventually supplied much of the fuel that was needed for Hitler’s Luftwaffe,” Mayer said.

“He was not a Nazi, and I certainly don’t suggest that in the book, but what he was was an American businessman looking for a good deal, and he was looking all over the world to see how he could make some money. Oddly, and what’s been known before, is before working under Hitler’s Third Reich, Fred Koch had worked for Stalin, where — under Stalin’s first five-year plan — Fred Koch helped build up the Russian, the Soviet oil refineries and really gave huge muscle to the oil industry in the Soviet Union,” Mayer said.

The Koch family’s relationship with Nazis did not end there, and actually extended into the home, according to Mayer.

“The father was gone doing business, and the mother was a very active socialite and was gone much of the time, and so she and the father placed the child rearing in the hands of a hired nanny,” Mayer said.

“Here again, you get this strange recurrence of a kind of little touch of Nazi Germany, because … Charles and Frederick, the oldest sons, were put in the hands of a German nanny who was described by other family members as just a fervid Nazi. She was so devout a supporter of Hitler that finally, after five years working for the family, she left of her own volition in 1940 when Hitler entered France because she wanted to celebrate with the Fuehrer,” Mayer said.

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